5 Reasons You Should See Emancipator Tomorrow Night


If you didn’t already know, the Emancipator Ensemble is performing tomorrow night at the PlayStation Theatre (formerly the Best Buy Theatre) in Times Square. The venue was kind enough to reach out and invite us to the show, and we’re more excited to take part in a night of eery, completely unique, and almost mystical music. The reason I love Emancipator so much is because his music hits a “heart-string” that no other producer strums. The music he puts out is not only unique in form and style, but also in emotion. We were lucky enough to see Doug & crew perform at Bisco this year, and we were completely blown away by the set. It would be false to say he “slayed It” or threw down a “gnarly set.” Those words do not accurately describe his live music experience. It’s more appropriate to say he “graced Bisco with some type of emotion.” So anyways, tickets are still available, and if you trust this site and the music we cover, trust us one more time by copping your pass at this link. Here’s our favorite new Emancipator track, and 5 concrete reasons why we think you should join us tomorrow night.

  1. He’s performing with his Ensemble. This means Doug, aka Emancipator, will be joined Ilya Goldberg, a violinist who shreds over Emancipator’s etherial music.
  2. The venue’s making great changes. Once the Best Buy Theatre, now the Playstation Theatre. We all know Best Buy’s stock and value is dramatically falling, so expect a spruced up venue with PS’s backing, and free PS5 prototypes for every ticket holder.
  3. Emancipator released his Kids/Truman Sleeps cover just last week. This song brought us to our knees at Bisco, and Doug finally officially released the song as a free download last week. Expect to hear it towards the end of his set.
  4. He also just released his dope new album about 10 days ago. The project, Seven Seas, is everything you’d expect from Emancipator and more. Check it out on Soundcloud for free, and buy it if you want to support Dougie Fresh.
  5. Emancipator invited an incredibly talented producer on this tour. Wax Tailor brings a similar emotion, style, and freshness to his music. Check out our favorite song by him below, and don’t forget to buy your ticket. (P.S. we were kidding about the PS5s).

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