AURA Music & Arts Festival Unveils Its Phase 1 Lineup


Our friends from Catskill Chill reached out yesterday with some awesome news, and an awesome Phase 1 Lineup. The same folks who helped organize and publicize Catskill Chill are also contributing to this year’s 7th Annual AURA Music & Arts Festival, taking place March 3 – 5, 2016 at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP) in Live Oak, Florida. Check out the Phase 1 flier below:

img-1 AURA Music & Arts Festival Unveils Its Phase 1 Lineup

Based on this lineup release, here are our three top reasons why we think you should buy some sunscreen and a plane ticket to catch this must-see event.

  1. The Disco Biscuits

    • This Saturday, we had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Marc “Brownie” Brownstein, the bassist from the Biscuits, perform at Live for Live Music’s Brooklyn Comes Alive Music Festival. Brownie kills it. Period. He’s one of those musicians that has so much fun on stage, but also presents this leadership quality that directs and masterfully orchestrates a band to throw an incredible live performance. Every group needs a leader, and he seemed to be that guy for this jam session. When Hayley Jane went on stage with Brownie to perform with the Stratosphere All-Stars, the amount of respect she directed his way was awesome. (Amazing HQ recording from Brownie’s, Hayley Jane’s, and the Stratosphere All Stars’ killer performance of “Home,” below. She embeds Brownie’s name into the lyrics a few times.)
  2. The Heavy Pets Tribute to the 80s

    • At Catskill Chill, the organizers worked with Dopapod and Turkuaz to put together a “Dopakuaz Performs Studio 54” set. This extremely unique performance was nothing short of a blast. For those who don’t already know, Studio 54 was an infamous New York City club in the 70s and 80s that was a pivotal venue for the growth and success of the Disco Movement. So the set was a crazy awesome disco tribute set. You can’t replicate a special type of set like that, and you won’t be able to see a set like the one The Heavy Pets plan to throw at AURA in March. Oh, and I almost forgot, Natalie Cressman is a bad ass trombone player who everyone should look into and see perform live.
  3.  Aqueous

    • We first heard of Aqueous at Pondfest this summer when a school of Phish fanatics were blasting their music around a camp fire. They basically trusted Phish more than God, and told us we need to check out Aqueous, because Phish is essentially their main sponsor and supporter. Similar to the way moe. helped Twiddle get some recognition, they told me Phish was doing the same for Aqueous. So, we listened to their advice and skipped a couple sets at Catskill Chill to see Aqueous perform in the barn, and we were blown away. It was a unique experience to see Dave Loss, the keyboardist from Aqueous, take the lead on vocals and the general direction of the set. Don’t get us wrong, we love guitarists who man the vocals, but it was a refreshing change to see Aqueous mix it up. We’re pumped to see them perform again in Florida.

So there you have it, our top 3 reasons to attend this year’s AURA Music & Arts Festival. We’ve been told the festival organizers will release additional headliners and lineup artists over the next few weeks, so stay tuned here for updates. A very limited number of Early Bird tickets go on sale Monday, October 5 at 10am EST. Early Bird tickets are $129 for a 3-day GA Weekend Pass and $275 for VIP (all taxes, fees and camping included). To join the wait list for cabins, glamping tents, golf cart rentals and upgraded campsites, please contact SOSMP at 386.364.1683.

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