Monday Blues Artist Spotlight: Marvel Years


For those new to this weekly special we run at Sound-Fix, welcome to the Monday Blues Spotlight series. The idea here is that Monday’s suck. Nothing’s worse than rehashing a kick-ass weekend of music, friends and fun while inside a cubicle or library, staring at an Excel spreadsheet or half-finished essay on your laptop. One good thing about Monday mornings, however, is that for the most part, you won’t have too many client calls or early morning classes until later, so you can throw in your headphones. During this phase of the week, we here at Sound Fix are dedicated to providing you with some new music to help you whistle while you work.

So, every Monday Morning we shine the spotlight on an awesome artist we think, for the most part, our readers haven’t yet heard of, but will want to hear about. Last week we covered, A-F-R-O. Three weeks ago we covered Tom Misch. For the first installment we covered Sophistafunk. For this week, we present to you Marvel Years.

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and watching Brownie’s (Disco Biscuits) DJ set with Cory Wythe, aka Marvel Years. Prior to Brownie, Cory performed a killer Electro Soul set with Todd Stoops from RAQ and formerly Kung Fu, who just so happens to be my favorite keys player. Simply put, if you’re into the Pretty Big GRiZmatic movement of music, then you’ll dig Marvel Years. Cory also plays guitar for the samples on his tracks, so like GRiZ, he brings traditional instrumentation to his new age productions. In an interview he captured his style well by saying, “Classic rock has been a huge influence on me. I love breathing new life into those older songs.”

We’re interviewing Marvel Years this week, so consider this Spotlight coverage a precursor to a conversation that will pick apart the mind of a meteoric producer. If you like what you hear, Cory puts all of his music out for free on his website. To follow everything else from Marvel Years, make sure to follow his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The best way to show Cory some support, however, is to share his music and this post to your friends, and then catch him live at one of the stops on his upcoming tour. Details below.

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