Sound Fix’s Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic


2015 was a memorable year in a so many different ways. Donald Trump shook up American politics. The Supreme Court finally legalized same-sex marriages. Star Wars returned with force to shatter box office records. Camp Bisco also returned with a vengeance to its new home on Montage Mountain. Throughout the wildness of 2015, some of our favorite artists provided the year’s soundtrack with brand new music. Without further ado, enjoy our top 15 electronic tracks of 2015.

15. Zeds Dead – One Time ft. Murs

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Zeds Dead had a big year of live performances, playing 103 concerts across the globe. Although 2015 didn’t see a new Zeds Dead album, DC and Hooks managed to release 7 new remixes, edits and singles. Our favorite song from that bunch is their September collaboration with L.A. rapper, Murs.

14. Earth Wind & Fire – Shining Star (Marvel Years Remix)

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At this summer’s “Brooklyn Comes Alive” music festival, we had the pleasure of catching Marvel Years’ collaborative performance with RAQ’s keyboardist, Tod Stoops. His heavy electro-soul set got us hooked to his music, and we really enjoyed this remix of Earth Wind & Fire’s classic song, “Shining Star.” Marvel Years is the stage name for Cory Wythe, an up-and-coming producer from Vermont. Cory’s also a seasoned guitar player (see picture above), and plays the instrument for his productions and live shows. This year was huge for Marvel Years, as he was invited to open for Bassnectar and Pretty Lights’ on Night 1 of Basslights 2015 in Virginia.

13. Tipper – Its Like

img-3 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Dave Tipper treated his listeners with two new projects this year, February’s Fathoms EP and October’s Its Like EP. Tipper closed out Camp Bisco 2015 with a mind bending live set, and ever since that experience we’ve been addicted to Tipper music. Here’s our favorite track of the year, off his newest EP.

12. SNAILS – Funk With Me (ft. Big Gigantic)

img-4 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

SNAILS hit the circuit hard this year to promote his brand and his genre, Vomitstep. The man performed 74 times, with some particularly big appearances at festivals like Camp Bisco, EDC Vegas, and Electric Forest. We were pumped earlier this year when we heard SNAILs was teaming up with one of our favorite groups, Big Gigantic, to produce a track that would fuse their different sounds together. We were even more excited when we heard the finished product.

11. Space Jesus – Martian Workout VHS

img-5 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Mark our words: Space Jesus is about to takeover. Like Tipper, Jasha Tull has developed a completely unique sound that defines the Space Jesus experience. We weren’t able to attend, but we’ve heard and read from numerous accounts that his Mysteryland 2015 performance was one for the books. Just a couple months ago, he released his new album, Close Encounters, and hosted a free release party at Slake in New York City. Space Jesus is already slated for one festival bill in 2016 at Austin’s Euphoria Music Festival in April. Here’s our favorite track off Close Encounters.

10. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Flume Remix)

img-6 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

After breaking up with What So Not last year to completely focus on his solo project, Flume released a number of catchy singles and remixes in 2015. Although he slowed down his tour calendar with just 33 performances this year, Flume hit some major music events like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest and Sasquatch. Here’s our favorite new Flume remix from 2015.

9. HeRobust – Skurt Reynolds

img-7 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Earlier this summer we had the pleasure of interviewing HeRobust after his Camp Bisco trap set and just before his bass-centric performance at Brooklyn’s ELEMENTS Music Festival. During the interview, he not only told us “Skurt Reynolds” is his favorite song to perform, but that he also sang the the track’s vocal samples. Check out this classic trap banger.

8. Emancipator – Eve II (ODESZA Remix)

img-8 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Ever since the release of their hit studio album, In Return, back in 2014, the Seattle tandem, ODESZA, have surged to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Although they did not release a new album in 2015, Harrison and Clayton managed to put out some juicy remixes with the their euphoric ODESZA flavor. Another guy on this list, Emancipator, was a fortunate victim of an ODESZA remix, which made this year’s list.

7. Jauz & Ephwurd – Rock the Party

img-9 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

This was a huge year for Jauz. He started making a name for himself last year with songs and remixes like “Feel the Volume,” but in 2015 he truly rocketed to the top of bass world with huge performances at Camp Bisco & Mad Decent Block Party, and with some collaborations with major artists like Skrillex and Ephwurd. This year, Ephwurd emerged onto the scene somewhat mysteriously with a couple huge tracks, but no one new who the guy was. Just a few months ago, Datsik made the announcement that he is Ephwurd, and that he plans to devote some time to this new project. Their massive track, “Rock the Party,” confidently finds itself in our top 10.

6. GRiZ – The Moment Seizes Us

img-10 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

GRiZ had one of the busiest years amongst the artists on this list. He released his highly anticipated fourth studio album, Say It Loud, he performed on 108 different occasions, and even managed to release a summer mixtape, Chasing the Golden Hour. We were lucky enough to be invited to the 100-person release party for Chasing the Golden Hour on the Output rooftop in Brooklyn. We are huge fans of this follow up project to Say It Loud, and were pumped when he closed out the show with our favorite song from the mixtape, “The Moment Seizes Us.” The epic 9 minute track opens up with a clip from the movie, Boyhood, and gradually builds to a couple powerhouse minutes of wobble and grime.

5. Gallant – Weight in Gold (Louis Futon Remix)

img-11 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

If I had to name just one artist that will inevitably blow up in 2016, I will confidently say one name, and that’s “Louis Futon.” The young Philly producer had a huge performance at Camp Bisco, and just announced this week that he’s working on a studio album. He’s developed a unique, glitchy but incredibly heavy sound doesn’t sound like any other producer’s. We’re excited to see what Louis Futon has in store for the new year, and will cover each of his moves in 2016. Here’s our favorite baby-making remix from Louis in 2015.

4. Bassnectar – Speakerbox (ft. Lafa Taylor)

img-12 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Bassnectar did his thing once again this year: he played a ton of festivals, released a brand new album, and is hosting a highly coveted New Year’s party tonight in Alabama. He seems to do this every year, and has been doing so for over a decade now. This formula of success has created a massive cult following, and has crowned Lorin as the undisputed King of Bass. We had a blast jamming out with Bassnectar at Camp Bisco this summer, and this track still resonates as one of the show’s highlights. Here’s our favorite song from Bassnectar’s 2015 album, Into the Sun. 

3. GRiZ & Big Gigantic – Good Times Roll

img-13 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

We remember when GRiZ & Big Gigantic tweeted out this picture from the Native Roots dispensary in Colorado during the summer. With this leafy portrait, the artists announced they were hard at work on a funk collaboration in a Boulder studio. Big Gigantic then, in anonymity, mixed the song into their annual Summer Vibes Mix. Then in August, Big Gigantic and GRiZ finally unveiled their funk masterpiece, “Good Times Roll,” to the world, and what a glorious day it was. Just a couple months later, the song gained so much traction that the show, “Dancing With the Stars,” featured the song in an opening dance. This was one of my favorite songs of the year.

2. Emancipator – Kids / Truman Sleeps

img Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

If you saw Emanciaptor perform at all this summer while he was on tour, then you probably heard this incredibly euphoric song towards the end of his set. When we were vibing out to his performance at Camp Bisco, this song gave everyone the chills, and no one knew what is was called or if it was going to be released. After the festival I searched every corner of the internet for the song, but could only find a couple 30 second iPhone videos of festival performance. Finally, during his Reddit AMA, Emancipator announced that he was planning to release the mysterious remix within a week. This is the finished, recorded product. It’s a unique and beautiful remix of an acoustic cover of MGMT’s “Kids” and a track from the Truman Show soundtrack. Enjoy.

1. Zhu x Skrillex x THEY. – Working for It

img-1 Sound Fix's Top 15 Tracks of 2015: Electronic

Our favorite song of 2015 was produced and recorded by one of electronic music’s greats, and one of electronic music’s future greats. Grammy Award winning artist, Skrillex, teamed up with the meteoric producer, Steven Zhu, to produce a killer track for Zhu’s 2015 project, The Genesis Series EP. The song has everything you’d want from an electronic music track: tasteful vocals, melodic chord progressions, an exciting build, jazzy samples, a catchy beat, and tons of diversity. There are so many reasons why this song and this artist is sitting on top of our list for 2015. We hope you enjoyed this New Year’s special, and that you put some of these songs to use tonight wherever you’re welcoming the New Year!

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