GRiZ Releases Summertime Track


Released via Soundcloud, GRiZ serves his fans a fresh new summertime track titled “Summer ’97.” The single features Muzzy Bearr, a guitarist from GRiZ’s hometown of Detroit. Put out as a free download, GRiZ includes this note with the summer treat:

“Felt like spreading the love and dropping a summer vibes tune for everyone today. This was a song that I started last summer but by the time I finished it it was almost winter and the timing was a bit weird so I continued to refine it and waited. Muzzy Bearr on the guitar.” – Grant Kwiecinski, aka GRiZ

To stay in line with our coverage of new releases, we’re dishing you a few fun facts about both GRiZ and Muzzy Bearr. Prepare to be enlightened.


  1. GRiZ quit smoking cigarettes 6 months ago.
  2. He’s a very young musician, and just turned 25 on May 31st.
  3. He crafted his own strain of weed, “GRiZ Kush,” from the parent plants Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush. Before 4/20 this year, he unveiled a limited time partnership with all Native Roots dispensaries in Colorado, allowing his fans to receive a $4.20 gram joint by just saying “get the funk down.” Check out Grant & Dom from Big Gigantic handling the strain at this link.

Muzzy Bearr

  1. Dan Hacker, aka Muzzy Bearr, is even younger than GRiZ at just 22 years old.
  2. In addition to the guitar, Muzzy Bearr recently announced he can sing, and plans to incorporate vocals in upcoming releases.
  3. GRiZ and Muzzy Bearr met at a summer camp they worked at together.
  4. The name “Muzzy Bearr,” has no meaning. In an interview, Hacker admits he hastily chose the name, “Muzzy,” after his first big performance with GRiZ. At Electric Forest 2014, he announced his name change from “Muzzy” to “Muzzy Bearr” due to the other artist, Muzzy from Monstercat.

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