Branchez Drops a New Remix


As he famously proved with his breakout remix of What So Not’s “High You Are,” Branchez is adept at creating catchy and optimistic party beats out of more in-your-face electronic songs. Luckily for us, he has once again put his skills to work with a decidedly summery remix of Sleepy Tom and Anna Lunoe’s “Pusher.”

In the midst of a tour through the Southwestern United States, Branchez (aka Sam Kopelman, an NYC native) released his newest track, which I anticipate will be echoing through DJ sets and pool-side Jamboxes for the rest of the summer. What gives this song true hit potential is not simply that it has a more audibly pleasing aesthetic than the original, but that it finds Branchez at his most dynamic; “Pusher” shows Kopelman’s ability to seamlessly combine the currently en vogue tropical house sound with his signature light-hearted trap vibe.

While 2015 hasn’t been the most prolific year for Branchez, at least in terms of tracks released, he has managed to follow a successful quality-over-quantity formula. As much as I would love to be basking in a stream of constant Branchez remixes, I’m content to let the young DJ take his time and do his thing. After all, if it was easy to make jams of this caliber, then you can bet your ass I wouldn’t be working in a cubicle.

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