Datsik’s Coming to Webster this Saturday


Strap on your diapers and hide your kids, Datsik’s coming to town this weekend. He’s sharing the stage with PROTOHYPE and Infuze at 10 PM this Saturday to host the historic “brite nites” party at Webster Hall in New York City. Advance tickets are only $30, and door tickets will climb up to $40. Purchase your passes here. Just a couple months ago, Datsik, PROTOHYPE and Init released a thorny dubstep track called “Turf Wars.” Check it out below:

Now before you buy your tickets for Saturday’s party, we thought you should know five cool things about Datsik:

  1. The man has 3.6 million followers on Soundcloud (deadmau5 only has 602,000).
  2. Datsik released his first track in 2009, the same year Webster Hall started throwing the weekly brite nites and Girls & Boys parties.
  3. His real name is Troy Beetles (right?) and his stage name was taken from his Xbox gamertag.
  4. Beetles watched Excision’s set at Shambhala in 2008. He met and befriended Excision after his set, and Excision went on to teach Datsik how to produce.
  5. He claims to this day that listening to Bassnectar for the first time as a festival goer at Electric Forest was a watershed moment in his life.

So let’s party, New York City, and keep up that momentum from Camp Bisco. If you were at Camp, make sure to sport some swag so we can find you at brite nites.

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