Major Lazer Covers Frank Ocean


Following their mega-hit “Lean On” in March, Major Lazer and MØ have teamed up once again, this time with a cover of a Frank Ocean throwback. While some fans might see “Lost” as a surprisingly tame entry in comparison to this collaboration’s previous work, others may be refreshed by the song’s similarity to the down-tempo original.

Many DJs will include favorite songs from other artists in their set lists, but seldom do you see any electronic artist attempt to cover a song in the way that you might see at a rock or folk show, or even a rap concert (Chance has been known to breakout into Biggie songs during his sets). Major Lazer and MØ’s rendition of “Lost” is the perfect example of what a great electronic cover can be; while they appropriate many important aspects of Frank Ocean’s song, they tweak just enough to add their own unique reggae flavor.

In this era, where Mecca-like music festivals attract tens of thousands of people to simultaneously dance with the womps and drops of electronic music, tastefully original remixes and purposefully nostalgic pop-music samples exist as an important fixture. In the summer of 2015, “Lean On” has proven to be a fantastic example of how a single song can be flipped, cut, and edited in a variety of different ways create an array of remixes. And trust me, I love these songs just as much as the rest of you, but I wish more electronic artists realized that it can be enjoyable to make true covers every once in a while.

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