New Ground Up Single


For those of you who pride yourselves of knowing an artist or band before they blew up, then you should promptly make yourself familiar with Ground Up. The Philly-based rap group has quietly been making a name for itself, but their newest banger “Right Now” suggests that their time to hit it big has finally arrived.

And I say that not just because of the contents of the lyrics, but also because of the raw, dark confidence that drips off this track. The song has a brooding intro and outro that sound like they came straight from a haunted trap concert, and stuffed in the middle is some of the nicest flows you can find east of Compton.

The trio, consisting of rappers Azar and Malakai and producer Bij Lincs, has been consistently dropping fire since their first mixtapes arrived on the scene nearly 7 years ago, yet they still have remain largely overlooked. However, if stardom is contingent on having that certain X-factor, then I can safely say that Ground Up has found it, and that they also have the talent and time-tested skills to back it up.

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