The Best Song at Bisco


Obviously, people will have their own opinions on the best song performed at Bisco, but after talking to several Campers on and offline, we think we pinpointed a top contender. For those of you lucky and smart enough to shlep your crew over to the “Above the Waves” stage for Emancipator’s performance, you’re probably still dreaming about their unreleased, never before played rendition of MGMT’s “Kids.”

We scraped the internet for you kiddies and found a half decent, relatively long video of this moment. I distinctly remember vibing out to this stage left, intensely enjoying myself, my crew, and where I was. All of a sudden, Doug rips the track up an octave and causes this insanely joyous uproar. Beware of the chills here, readers, the feels are real.

Now, I see this article as more of a conversation starter than a statement. There were so many great musical moments at this year’s Bisco – too many to count. Here are a few that seemed to have stood out:

  1. Pretty Lights playing his remix of Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight.”
  2. Nectar shredding Camp apart with his new track, “Speakerbox.”
  3. The Disco Biscuits covering Prince’s “1999.”
  4. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong tickling our ears with “Pyscho Killer” by the Talking Heads.
  5. Jauz crushing the crowd with his mashup of Backstreet Boys and Dillon Francis.

What was your favorite song from Bisco? Feel free to comment here, email me at, or join the Official Bisco Group to share – videos strongly encouraged. Finally, that “The Things You Hear at Bisco” article is pretty much breaking the internet. Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon. We’re just talking to a couple more artists to get some of their favorite quotes, so sit tight. Also (sorry for the long goodbye here), we’re putting some finishing touches on an exclusive interview with our homie, Hayden Kramer, a.k.a. HeRobust. Some good stuff coming to you shortly.

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