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First off, thanks to all the homies who’ve sent us great HQ recordings to rehash the memories of Bisco. If you’re reading this, and have some HQ recordings that you’d like to spread around, please don’t hesitate to hit me up at Our Nectar set reached 2,000 people in two days, so if you have the goods, we can cover distribution. Most of you probably checked out the post we put up of Bassnectar’s Camp Bisco ’15 set, but if you haven’t had the privilege, check it out here.

Next up on the menu is our trippy friend, David Tipper. Tipper closed out Bisco ’15 after Jauz tore apart the crowd at the same “Above the Waves” stage (depicted above). As this set dissects the nerves of your cerebral, we thought you should know seven fun facts about Tipper.

  1. Tipper was discovered by his manager, Richie Warren, while DJing in London as a teen.
  2. Sony Music signed Tipper in the late 90’s under their sub-label, Higher Ground, but Tipper’s music was more far out than anticipated, which lead to an amicable breakup in 1999.
  3. Tipper performs live scratching throughout the majority of his sets.
  4. Tipper and Richie Warren constructed the mobile “Fuel Sound System” with two identical black 1970s Dodge Challengers. Two Funktion-One mid/tops speaker units paired with massive subwoofers can be raised out of the trunks on hydraulics (depicted below).
  5. Legend has it when Tipper took the “Fuel Sound System” on a musical pilgrimage from festival to festival in the late 90s, The Prodigy’s stage manager made complaints at the 1997 V-Festival because Tipper’s music was way too loud and produced overwhelming sound-bleed.
  6. In 2013, Tipper released a VIP remix EP to help pay for his own open heart surgery.
  7. Tipper moved to Hawaii to live a healthier lifestyle after facing several health issues.

fuelsoundsystem Check Out Tipper's HQ Bisco '15 Set

Anyways, now you know at least 7 cool new things about Tipper, so why not digest his killer Bisco set? We finally figured out how to upload the set through YouTube, so here it is. For more upcoming content, including a HeRobust interview and more HQ sets from Bisco and your other favorite festivals, join our Facebook group here. Enjoy!

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