GRiZ Gets Remixed


It’s very rare for GRiZ to get outdone on his own track, however it seems as though Big Wild may have been able to do just that. The young Cali DJ, who will be opening for GRiZ during his fall tour, took a stab at remixing “For the Love,” and the results are pretty sublime.

The original song, which GRiZ created with Talib Kweli, is a notable departure from the crazy funk that populates a majority of his most recent album, Say It Loud. However, Big Wild has found a way to maintain the tune’s hopefulness, introduce his own upbeat sample-heavy style, and add back in some BPMs that maybe a few fans thought the original lacked.

For those of you unfamiliar with Big Wild, I encourage you to check out his SoundCloud page, which is jam-packed with a smorgasbord of surprising remixes and fantastic original tracks. He is definitely an artist to keep in mind for the future, and make sure to check the dates for his shows with GRiZ and Russ Liquid on the upcoming Super Shagadelic Tour in the fall.

img-4 GRiZ Gets Remixed

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