ODESZA Drops a New Remix


Although crazy drops and neck-breaking bangers still reign supreme in the electronic music world, ODESZA emerges as one of the only prominent acts that is capable of creating a musical experience that is emotional and introspective, and still fun and upbeat as well. Their newest remix of Hayden James’ “Something About You” should act as a perfect example of the Seattle-based duo’s established style, which frequently consists of female vocals and reverberated loops.

ODESZA, which is made up of Western Washington University alumni Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, has had their unique voice nailed down since their debut album, Summer’s Gone, which they released in 2013. They’ve gone on to release two EPs, produce numerous remixes, and headline their own world tours. If this is all news to you, then the “Something About You” remix should illustrate ODESZA’s talent, and thus their ability to rise to the top so quickly.

With the success of their In Return world tour in 2014, ODESZA will be carrying out another international tour under the same name in the fall of 2015, which Hayden James is scheduled to be a part of. I’ve already bought my tickets to catch them at Terminal 5 in NYC in November, and until then I will be holding my breath and hoping to see a collaborative performance of this entrancing remix.

img-1 ODESZA Drops a New Remix

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