GRiZ & Big Gigantic are Hard at Work


Two of the saxiest artists in the game, Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic (left) and Grant Kwiecinski aka “GRiZ” (right) are hard at work producing their second collaborative track. Dom and GRiZ have done wonders for the saxophone during their musical careers, bringing this once antiquated instrument to the forefront of popular culture with their genre-bending music. What was once a classical instrument is now a cool, modern feature of the ever-popular electronic music phenomenon.

At times, it’s almost confusing to us that these two have only produced one track together. Back in 2012, they pumped out a collaboration, “Power,” which caught the attention of listeners, grossing over 1,000,000 hits on Soundcloud between their two accounts. Riding off this coattail of success, the musicians have decided to reunite and test the “power” of sax.

Seen in the image above, Grant & Dom are hard at work. The picture was taken two days ago at Colorado’s largest marijuana dispensary, Native Roots, located a stones throw away from Big G’s recording studio. If you take a hard look at the far right jar, Grant’s actually holding his very own strain of medicinal marijuana, fittingly called “GRiZ Kush.” Just before 4/20 this year, GRiZ released this hybrid he crafted from the parent plants Tangerine Haze and Pakistan Chitral Kush. FUN FACT – prior to the release of Say It Loud, GriZ unveiled a limited time partnership with Native Roots, allowing his fans to receive a $4.20 gram joint of GRiZ Kush by just saying “get the funk down.”

Anyways – let’s trust that these two marijuana & musical virtuosos can stay focused and inspired with these jars of leafy goodness. Stay tuned for this upcoming release here on Sound Fix. While you wait, make sure to verse yourself with “Power.”

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