Artist Introduction: Filip


“Filip Flip” – two words that I have seen popping up more and more often on YouTube channels and SoundCloud playlists, and I’ve been incredibly impressed so far with the songs I’ve seen those two words appear next to. There isn’t much available information about Filip, the man behind the flips, other than the fact that he’s a young Swedish DJ, and that he’s steadily piecing together a strong resume.

The two tracks of his I’ve enjoyed the most are his remixes of ODESZA’s “White Lies” and of SG Lewis’ “No Less,” which you absolutely need to check out below. These are the types of jams you can use to party, relax, dance, or even study, which is a difficult versatility to pin down. If Filip can keep his streak up, then we here at Sound Fix are excited to hear what else this guy has up his sleeve in the coming months and years.

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