Dillon Francis Unveils New Moombahton Track


When the clock struck midnight last night, Dillon Francis fed his hungry fans with a fresh new track, “Bruk, Bruk (I Need Your Lovin).” With this release, Francis returns to his roots with some down-tempoed Moombahton, the genre that originally brought him to fame. On his Soundcloud page, Dillon writes “Time for some moombahton with my new EP #THISMIXTAPEISFIRE out August 14th!”

In an interview, Francis mentioned the new mixtape would mainly feature Moombahton music. This is literally and figuratively music to our ears. In today’s day and age, electronic music tends to quickly slip away from innovation. Francis broke this trend in his rise to stardom alongside Diplo & friends. It’s rumored that his first hit, “Masta Blasta,” was originally produced at 130 BPMs. When Francis ran the track by Dutch musician, Munchi, they decided to crank down the BPMs to test out a completely new tempo. With this experimentation, the down-tempoed genre of Moombahton was born and brought to the forefront of popular music culture. Francis quickly brought the brand new sound to Diplo, Skrillex & Steve Aoki, who opened their recording labels with open arms to Francis and his innovation.

Francis confirmed the new EP will feature collaborations from Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Bro Safari, and James Hersey. along with a remix of “I Can’t Take It” from his album Money Sucks, Friends Rule by Party Favor. We’ve been told more singles will be released prior to August 14th, so stay tuned for Moombahton on Sound Fix.

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