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(February 8th, 2012)  Just this week, we had the special opportunity to catch up with a pair of producers who took the world of EDM by storm this year.

Coming off a huge performance at Terminal 5 n New York City, the release of their critically acclaimed Adrenaline EP, and a big feature in Ultra’s 2012 lineup, these sensational young-gunners are riding a rapid train to success with their innovative approach to production. We bring to you, Zeds Dead.

The Canadian electronic duo, comprised of DC and Hooks, produced some genre-bending music this year that really separated them from the pack of European DJs with the same haircuts. These guys have musical vision, peerless drive, and above all else: swag. Check out what they have to say:

Sound Fix: Hey guys, thanks for taking time to answer some questions for our readers. How was New Year’s Eve? Any big performances or plans?

Hooks: We played at a huge party in Dallas and were on when the clock struck midnight. It’s crazy to be up there on stage at such a big moment.

DC: Yeah I got a little emotional.

SF: So 2011 was a huge year for the world of EDM. With respects to your music and Zeds Dead, how would you characterize 2011?

DC: Like a massive snowball spiraling out of control.

SF: Your music has elements from all sorts of EDM sub-genres. In your own words, how would you describe the music produced by Zeds Dead?

Hooks: It’s what you would hear in outer space if sound could exist in a vacuum.

SF: Your body of work as Zeds Dead really exhibits all sorts of sounds and characteristics. One of your latest releases under Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, Ruckus the Jam, has electro house segments, wobble, whomp and “Feed Me” styled synth lines. When you two produce music, where do you draw musical and artistic inspiration?

Hooks: Inspiration comes in all different forms. That song came from being on the road for months. We were in the zone of playing the high-energy DJ sets and that song fit into that.

DC: Sometimes inspiration comes from everything you take in over the course of a day. In a weird way I feel like sometimes I can take everything that has stimulated me throughout the day and put it into my music. Whether it be playing video games, listening to the radio, walking around the city, going out and having a few drinks, etc.

SF: Looking ahead to 2012, what music festivals and/or concerts are you most looking forward to?

Hooks: Coachella, Shambhala, Lolla.

DC: SXSW and Ultra.

SF: Reflecting on 2011, which single performance was your most memorable? Was it your rave at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, the birthplace of Ruckus and Eyes on Fire?

Hooks: Ogden was really special. Sometimes the most memorable shows aren’t necessarily the best ones though. Sometimes I remember mistakes all too well, but lets just go with the Ogden shows because they were amazing.

SF: Where did the name, “Zeds Dead” come from? Could you take a moment to explain the origins?

Hooks: It stands for Zoo Elephants Drinking Syzurp During Elephant Aids Day.

SF: Apart from concerts, tours and festivals, what should fans and listeners expect from the New Year with respects to new music and collaborations?

DC: Expect the unexpected, we’re gunna flip shit up this year.

SF: As a closing remark, seeing as you two display prowess and dominance in the world of dubstep / whomp production, what do you think the future holds for this blossoming genre of electronic music?

DC: I see a bright future, even if the dubstep of the moment fades out there’s a massive need for electronic music and it’s going to be satisfied somehow.
Hooks: I think it will take the same route as hip-hop did, I just hope I don’t get shot.

SF: Anything else you’d like to share?

DC: Catch us on the road for the next few months with our homie Omar LinX and support from Araab Muzik, XI, Memorecks, Matt the Alien and Knight Riderz.

To keep up with everything Zed’s Dead, make sure to like their Official Facebook page. Thanks again, DC and Hooks, for sharing words of wisdom with our readership. Stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite artists on Sound Fix.

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