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(May 16th, 2011)  Last week we had the opportunity to ask Shaun Brockhurst, better known as Doctor P, some questions about his music, the future of dubstep, his plans for 2011, and much more. Last year Doctor P joined the UK label, Circus Records, to join other dubstep producers like Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavilion. Check out what he told us, and listen to his hit song, “Sweet Shop,” as you read.

Sound Fix: Your latest collaborative remix of DJ Fresh’s “Louder” with Flux Pavilion is taking the blogosphere by storm. Could you tell us a bit about the creative processes behind this track?

Doctor P: Flux and I have been meaning to make some more tunes together for ages now; when Fresh started talking about the remix we thought it could be a good opportunity to do it together. Flux started the project file and we sent it back and forth a few times over the net. This is how we have to work as we live quite far apart!

SF: You and Flux have produced killer hits together, how is it working, producing and touring with Josh?

DP: Josh and I have been friends for years since we were at school. It’s nice to be doing this stuff with somebody I knew before I even got into the world of music.

SF: It’s great to see strong dubstep producers uniting under a single label. How did Circus Records form and what plans does the label have for the future?

DP: Circus was born out of Flux and I wanting to create a platform for our music, instead of giving it away to other labels. I think we just hit the right sound at the right time and people responded well to it. We also managed to strike up a lucky combination of finding the right music and the right people behind it.

SF: What’s your production software of choice? Favorite controller and/or mixer?

DP: I produce on Nuendo / Cubase and mostly NI Massive for bass sounds. I’ve tried everything; Reason, Fruity, Logic,Ableton, hardware stuff, all sorts of vsts, but I always come back to the same couple of programs. I like to mix on Pioneer CDJs and the Pioneer Mixer

SF: How did you choose the name “Doctor P”?

DP: Type my name (Shaun) into a Nokia and the predictive text comes up with ‘picto.’ People called me ‘Picto’ as a bit of a nickname for a while, and my first few tracks were under this name. My friend Kevin used to call me Doctor Picto, which eventually got shortened to Doctor P!

SF: Our team’s covering this year’s Starscape Festival, and a number of our readers our also attending. What can we expect out of you and Flux at this year’s festival?

DP: Flux and I mostly aim to create as much energy in the room as possible with our sets.

SF: According to this graph of dubstep’s increasing online traffic, it’s clear the genre is blowing up on the global theatre as a respected electronic sub-genre. What do you make of this graph, and what do you think the future holds for dubstep?

dubstepsearchterm Sound Fix Interviews Doctor P

DP: I don’t see dubstep as a sub-genre; it’s a genre in its own right, with its own sub-genres. Over the last few years its grown so fast in different directions that you could listen to nothing but ‘dubstep’ and never get bored. I never really saw myself as a dubstep producer; the stuff I make is pretty different to what most people originally thought of as dubstep. It’s difficult to say where dubstep will go in the future, as it moves so quickly. As long as somebody’s making some good music, people will listen to it.

SF: Who or what has been your greatest musical influence?

DP: It was 90’s electronic / dance music that got me interested when I was young (people like Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy etc), Drum n Bass held my interest for a few years as I got older.

SF: Which artists do you want to or plan on collaborating with in the future?

DP: Skrillex and I have been talking about a collaboration for a long time, but it hasn’t happened yet! Me and Cookie Monsta have started about 5 collabs too, but he accidentally deleted the most promising one.

SF: Finally, what should we expect from Doctor P for the remainder of 2011?

DP: I hope to get a few more tracks done; although its getting increasingly difficult to find the time!

Thanks again, Shaun, for taking the time to talk with us. We can’t wait for Starscape and your future releases. Stay tuned to Sound Fix for more conversations and insights into your favorite musicians.

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