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(September 12th, 2014)  Back in 2010, a trio of Dutch producers started to host a weekly event known as “Yellow Claw Thursday” at Amsterdam’s renowned nightclub, Jimmy Woo. Since the inception of this weekly tradition, the collection of DJs known as Yellow Claw has made a huge splash in the world of EDM with chart-topping Trap releases and impressionable performances.

This week, we had the special opportunity to ask Bizzey, Jim Aasgier, and Nizzle questions about upcoming music, favorite performances, Mysteryland, Diplo, and much more. These producers not only pump out killer music, but are a group of genuinely nice guys. So without further adieu, meet Yellow Claw:

Sound Fix: Bizzey, Jim, Nizzle, thanks for taking time today to answer some questions for our readers. After your release of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2, we’ve received a number of requests to unmask the guys behind the music, so this is great. To start things off, let us know how you’re doing. How’s the summer tour been thus far?

Yellow Claw: Pretty good actually. Did a lot of touring in Europe. Short flights back and forth, that way we can still get things done in the studio.

SF: Of all the American cities you’ve performed for in 2014, what’s been the most memorable experience?

YC: EDC Las Vegas! That shit was a life-changing experience. Every single person in the crowd was 100% focused on our show and on the music. So dope.

SF: We interviewed a few of our readers who attended your set at EDC Las Vegas. One fan called the concert, “ballistic,” and another latched off that description to announce that she can “confirm the madness.” What sort of atmosphere do you try to create for an audience at a Yellow Claw performance?

YC: We try to form an army at every show. A unity with one goal and one goal only: to get together and to get fucked up in the most beautiful way possible.

SF: We were extremely excited when you released a teaser mix of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2 weeks back, and even more excited when we listened to the finished product. You collaborated with LNY TNZ on the EP’s first track, “Techno,” and one of our reader’s was wondering if you have plans to collaborate with LNY TNZ on another upcoming release?

YC: Well, we have a lot of unfinished Yellow Claw / LNY TNZ material laying around at the moment. But the touring has become very intense and we’re also very busy on our debut album. So the plans are absolutely there; now we’ll just have to find the time to finish it. We really have to because we have a beautiful thing in common: 150 BPM.

SF: Tell us a bit about the production of Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2. When did you decide to execute this project, and how would you characterize the newest EP?

YC: It’s basically Amsterdam Trap Music on steroids with a lot more pop/song influences. After we made “Shotgun” we were really experimenting more and more with that combination. ATM projects are really the most rewarding and inspirational projects to be working because there are absolutely no boundaries. We can go as hard as possible on every track.

SF: We just attended, covered, and loved Mysteryland USA. Mysteryland is the longest running electronic music festival, and finds its root in your native country, the Netherlands. Can we expect to see you at Mysteryland USA next year?

YC: We don’t know yet! We did just do the mainstage for Mysteryland NL. That was really cool.

SF: So tell us, what’s your favorite Yellow Claw track to perform in concert?

YC: “Kaolo” because that’s where all the bullshit ends! That’s where the warming up ends and there’s absolutely no looking back. What’s also fun to know is that we made that track in one take and in one day only. It just worked. Instantly.

SF: Along the same lines, what’s your favorite track to perform that was not produced by Yellow Claw?

YC: Plan B – “Love Goes Down” (Doctor P Remix) and TNGHT – “Higher.” Great songs and both responsible for some great and fresh perspectives on electronic music.

SF: You signed to our favorite label, Mad Decent, in 2013. Tell us a bit about your decision to join the Mad Decent crew: what brought you to the label, and how has your experience been thus far?

YC: To be honest. Diplo was the first person who reached out to us and that was years ago. I think maybe 4 years ago. And it just felt very natural to release some tunes there every now and then.

SF: Looking to the future, do you have any news you’d like to share to your American fans. Any new music on the horizon, or any new commitments to festivals or concert venues?

YC: *Gazes at the horizon* Well we just finished our new single and we’re shooting the video next week. So people should really be on the lookout for that one. We’re also dropping a new EP on Dim Mak together with our homey Cesqeaux.

SF: Thanks guys, for this interview. We’re looking forward to covering one of your shows in the future, and will continue to keep our readers updated with anything new from Yellow Claw.

YC: You’re welcome!

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