ODESZA Remixes Emancipator


Released via Soundcloud, the electronic duo, ODESZA, remixes Emancipator’s “Eve II.” The song features uplifting marimba riffs and euphoric vibes, a quintessential combination from this up-and-coming production tandem.

For our coverage of this release, we’re dishing you three fun facts about Doug Appling, aka Emancipator, and Harrison Mills / Clay Knight of ODESZA.


  1. Emancipator is from Portland, Oregon, and completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.
  2. Appling performed his first live show in 2009 while opening for Bonobo, his favorite musician.
  3. Emancipator started out as a hip-hop producer, and is an experienced freestyle rapper.


  1. The group was formed in 2012 shortly before Knight & Mills graduated from Western Washington University (talk about a meteoric rise).
  2. The name, ODESZA, was the name of Mills’ uncle’s ship, which sank. Mills’ uncle and one other crew mate were the only two survivors.
  3. Both are fans of Coldplay … actually.

To close out our coverage of this hot remix, check out this quote from Emancipator about the psychology of bass music. Enjoy.

“In nature, bass sounds are mostly related to a threat or fear of some sort. It stimualtes you on a primeval level. When you hear bass, it could be similar to thunder or earthquakes, that kind of stuff. That sound is very deeply rooted in our psychology. When we listen to bass music, I think it activates that part of your brain.” – Doug Appling, aka Emancipator

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  1. Kiko 7 July, 2015 at 21:42 Reply

    Great song! Just an FYI, the image you used is actually for a group called Slow Magic, not Odesza or Emancipator. Just thought you should know! 🙂

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