Monday Blues Spotlight: Sophistafunk


Here we go again, the second installment of our weekly “Monday Blues Spotlight.”  For clarity, the “blues” we’re referring to here are the “Monday blues,” not the genre of music. That being said, the legendary Willie Dixon once said, “The Blues are the roots, everything else is the fruits,” because for the most part, each musical genre traces its origins back to the Blues. So really, our “Monday Blues Spotlight” is a double-entendre in its own unique way.

Anyways, today we’re introducing you to the Syracuse band, Sophistafunk, to help combat the Monday blues with some music that owes itself to the blues. Kind of funny, right? As you might already know, we covered Backwoods Pondfest this past weekend in Peru, NY, and were lucky enough to catch Sophistafunk’s incredibly funky hip-hop set. Before we get into the introduction, press “play” below.

Sophistafunk is a three person band comprised of Jack Brown (vocals, lyrics), Adam Gold (keys, bass, vocals), and Emanuel Washington (drums). They classify their music as a “funky, grimy mix of hip-hop, live drums, and Moog savagery.” The trio met in 2007 and pledged to pack their songs with “positively-charged” lyrics, which really comes as a nice contrast to some of the murderously negative messages that plague a great deal of the hip-hop you’ll hear today.

Jack has an incredible flow with an electric stage presence that will have you jumping, dancing, and screaming righteous lyrics with your friends all night. To top off the awesomeness of Sophistafunk, they’ve started to incorporate saxophones in recent live performances, which just adds another layer of musicality with killer jams and improvised solos. Check out this next song, and enjoy 5 fun facts about your new favorite band.

  1. These guys play for the people and respect the shit out of their fans. They performed a pop up show in Denver for $1, completely unplanned, managed to sell out the Denver venue, and then drove overnight to perform in Charlotte, NC, for a scheduled tour stop.
  2. Our website was founded at Hamilton College, just 30 minutes from Syracuse, NY, where Sophistafunk originated from.
  3. The trio met each other at a place called Funk N’ Waffles in Syracuse, which is a downstairs waffles / music hybrid venue. In fact, Adam Gold owns the spot.
  4. Sophistafunk attributes a good deal of their musical influence to the underground hip-hop scene in Minneapolis.
  5. Sophistafunk used to call themselves “3-1-Live,” a play on Syracuse’s area code, 315.

So there you have it, a new band to get you excited for the other new things you’ll meet this week. Shrug off the Monday blues, check out Sophistafunk’s music on their website, and stay on top of Sound Fix by joining our Facebook group.


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