10 Reasons Why You Should Go to ELEMENTS Fest


On Saturday, August 22nd, BangOn!NYC is bringing underground electronic music to Brooklyn, NY with its annual ELEMENTS Music and Arts Festival. We were lucky enough to cover Pondfest last weekend in Peru, NY, and lucked out once again with an invitation to cover ELEMENTS for our friends at BangOn!NYC. We would love to see some Sound Fixers join us for a weekend of friends, art, fun and music, so we took it upon ourselves to whip together 10 reasons why you should pull the trigger and snag your ticket. We also created the Official ELEMENTS Spotify playlist, which you can follow by clicking this link. So start off with this new Liquid Stranger track, and then feast on our selling points:

  1. First and foremost, Liquid Stranger is headlining. Martin Stääf has produced and pushed the boundaries of bass music for almost 20 years now, and we cannot wait to catch one of his heavy sets for the first time. We’ll let “King of the Hill” do the rest of the talking for this point.
  2. The once secret location (depicted below) was finally revealed last week, and it looks incredible. The event will be located at Red Hook Grain Elevator, a 15 story, 64,000 sq ft concrete behemoth overlooking post-industrial warehouses and towering mounds of earth and rubble. The festival organizers said “this incredible location feels like you’re at the edge of the earth, with an amazing post-apocalyptic feel somewhere between Mad Max and Berlin!”
  3. You can catch the up-and-coming producer, heRobust, throw down a trap-tastic set in this post-apocalyptic setting. We interviewed him weeks back, check it out here (and listen to the track “Skurt Reynolds” while you’re at it).
  4. The festival passes are dirt cheap, currently just $40 per ticket. This is not only financially relieving, but it adds to the festival atmosphere. There’s no worse feeling when you realize a festival, to a degree, is a fabricated mirage of “PLUR,” constructed by corporations (Live Nation…cough cough) to reap massive profits off attendees.
  5. Shpongle is scheduled to throw down a trip-tastic set as the lead headliner. Simon Posford has been known to create a full-blown musical experience with hula hoop dancers, live instruments, and incredible visuals.
  6. BangOn!NYC has added an “aerial projection” show to the festival experience. We’re not entirely sure what this means, but they sent us a video (below) that can start to explain the concept.
  7. There will be tons and tons of art, so bring cash for paintings and hats for pins.
  8. It’s a bit early to confidently affirm this, but perfect 80-degree, cloudless weather is forecasted for the 22nd.
  9. ELEMENTS has a subtle lineup that dodges the nasty commercial electronic music that’s unfortunately invaded today’s music culture (Kaskade, I’m looking at you). Get ready to fall in love with some new underground DJs.
  10. Finally, the festival organizers seem like genuine people with a great perspective on their festival. Just check out the description they wrote for the event:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “Welcome to ELEMENTS- our premier music and arts festival at a spectacularly unique post-industrial waterfront venue…a dreamers playground that feels like an affair between Berlin, Burning Man, and Bushwick- a secret city within the heart of Brooklyn.  Featuring 4 stages- Earth/Wind/Water/Fire, large-scale themed art installations, 3D projection mapping, death-defying aerial performances, magnificent art cars, decadent food trucks, exotic clothing/jewelry vendors, rides, slides, circus performances, a model dunk-tank and bouncy castle sponsored by WeSC, and an entire new world to experience.”

ELEMENTS-1 10 Reasons Why You Should Go to ELEMENTS Fest

So there you have it, our visual, audial and verbal explanation as to why you should join us at ELEMENTS festival on the 22nd. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE, and feel free to email me at sam@sound-fix.com if you want to meet up at the fest.

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