WoodysProduce’s Bold August Project


WoodysProduce has taken on an epic summer task of releasing a new track, along with an accompanying music video, every single day of the month of August. We are now into Day 18, and so far the LA-based Producer has done well to keep up with his promise.

I first learned of WoodysProduce, real name Ryan Woodcock, through his phenomenal re-imaginings of Hip Hop classics like Biggie’s “Machine Gun Funk” and 50 Cent’s anthem “In Da Club,” which were the first few tracks that put him on the map. He has continued to release a wide range of remixes and instrumentals, yet he has only produced beats for a few artists, namely Texas-natives Mélat and Raven Sorvino.

WoodysProduce’s month-long project, which he has titled No. 31, is a fascinating endeavor, and not necessarily because of the sheer quantity of tracks that he is putting out, but more so because of the creative process that he’s utilizing. Every single day, Woodcock is first shooting his videos in and around L.A., and then creating his songs around the visuals, using the atmosphere and story of each video to inspire and influence his musical decisions.

As you can see from the Youtube clip above, these aren’t exactly the most riveting music videos you’ll ever see, but that’s not the point. Each of these pieces is not designed to entertain in a glamorous manner, but rather to capture some of the daily heartbeats that pump life in to the West Coast’s most bustling city in simple, yet poetic, fashion.

The summer of 2014 witnessed WoodysProduce keep up with releasing one “Summer Citrus Remix” per week, but it should go without saying that No. 31 is a much bolder, and ultimately more satisfying, effort. My hope is that this project can help Mr. Woodcock (the DJ, not the crappy Billy Bob Thorton character) find some consistent work producing more original tracks, as well as creating additional dynamite instrumentals for some prominent rappers to tear up.

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