Brooklyn Elements Festival Review


After a week of ominous weather reports and eager anticipation, Brooklyn Elements Festival kicked off with blue skies and a tremendous lineup. We here at Sound Fix were lucky enough to all attend the day-long event, and I think it’s safe to say that we were far from unimpressed. For those of you who didn’t have the pleasure to attend, then enjoy some samples below from a few of the acts we got to see.

The derelict industrial environment meshed well with the trippy sets and stages, and the overall vibe was that of an urban version of Burning Man, except 10-hours long (which is probably the most my body would allow me to handle). The complex contained 5 unique stages, each encapsulating a specific earthly element, and as well as multiple banging bus parties, which were hosted by the likes of Bang On! NYC and The JunXion.

Despite the crazy costumes, BMX stunts, ariel performances, and incredible artwork, the day really belonged to the music. We got to rock out to the likes of Liquid Stranger, XXYYXX, Autograf, Branx, Minnesota, and Paper Diamond, and were especially blown away by back-to-back  sets from young guns Louis Futon and heRobust (both of whom we had the pleasure of randomly bumping into).

The day was capped off by a dive in to the psychedelic world of Shpongle on the main stage, which was taken to the next level by the piercing stare of the giant androgynous mask that lit up over the stage. We also made our way over to the Fire Stage to check out Anna Lunoe’s closing set, which was accompanied by fire-spinners and a drum circle.

All in all, the festival was well-organized, well-attended, and well-endowed with a stellar lineup. It’s honestly taken me a few days to recover from all of it, but I’m already looking forward to what Elements may have in store for next year. Till then, make sure to tune in to Sound Fix for more festival reviews, artist interviews, and track releases!

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