Monday Blues Spotlight: Tom Misch


The Monday blues are real, people, so we’re starting something fresh here at Sound Fix. To help you combat post-weekend depression, we’re going to sniff out and put the spotlight on a new producer or band every Monday morning to get you excited about the other new, exciting things waiting to meet you in the coming week. To kick off this tradition, we’re excited to introduce you to the 20-year-old producer, Tom Misch. Click play on the new single below as we stage the introduction:

Here are five things you should know about Tom as you start to familiarize yourself with his music:

  1. This new single is the first release off his upcoming project, Beat Tape 2. He pledged to unveil a new single every Thursday in August until it’s August 28th release. You can preorder the project right here.
  2. Tom’s from London, is only 20, started playing music when his father forced him to learn the violin at the age of 3, and now composes, produces, sings, and plays the guitar and violin.
  3. Sam Wills is featured in the vocals of “In The Midst Of It All,” while Tom throws down a nice guitar feature in the ending segment. Misch’s production software of choice is Logic Pro.
  4. To our dismay, Misch does not plan to tour in North America any time soon because he’s enrolled in a four-year jazz guitar degree in England.
  5. Misch started out with a deep love for the Chili Peppers and Nirvana. Then his sister’s boyfriend got him into jazz music, which remains a huge pillar of his current musical personality. Then 5 years ago, he claims he was introduced to J Dilla, which brought classic hip-hop instrumentality into his music.

So there you have it, a brand new track from an up-and-coming producer, with 5 solid facts to get your relationship with Misch’s music on two firm feet. Stay tuned each Monday for a fresh new artist to beat the blues out of your new week. To stay on top of it, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or Misch on Soundcloud.

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