The Knocks Rule the Summer


Almost exactly a year after The Knocks released their ultimate summer jam “Classic,” they have released another track, “So Fuckin Romantic,” to once again help us enjoy the waning warmth of August. Despite the R-rated title, I could easily see this funky song becoming just as popular as the jams that put them on the map in the first place.

2015 has been a huge year for The Knocks, as they have released an EP, So Classic, and are currently preparing to debut their first studio album, which is expected to drop in the next few months. If this newest remix is the type of stuff they’ve been producing in their free time, then I can’t wait to see what kind of originals the NYC-based duo has been cooking up.

The Knocks have cultivated a signature sound that deftly combines aspects of rock, funk, electro, and pop, and they are notorious for throwing pop-up after-parties at the behest of eager fans. So with that in mind, next time you go see The Knocks live, make sure to invite them to host an after-party in your living room… chances are that they’ll probably say yes.

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