Skrillex & Jauz Release a New Song


Just an hour ago, Skrillex and Jauz took to Soundcloud with a brand new collaboration. We covered the first speculations of this release a couple weeks ago when Jauz performed and explained the origins of the track at Summer Set in Wisconsin. We thought originally the track would be titled, “Drunk Squad,”  but we were wrong. Sonny and Sam went with a PG track title, “Squad Out.” Check out our preview coverage, as well as the Summer Set “Squad Out” performance at this link.

Skrillex and Jauz were kind enough to release this one as free download, which you can cop here. If you’re feeling generous, you can also support the artists by purchasing on iTunes, or if you’re a Spotifier, you can stream the track here. Per usual, here are three fun facts about each artist on the release.


  1. Skrillex was homeschooled at the age of 14 because he was severely bullied in Junior High.
  2. Before Skrillex, Sonny Moore was a guitarist and vocalist for the Post-Hardcore band, From First to Last. After several performances, Sonny suffered vocal issues, which caused the band to resign from a number of tours.
  3. Also before becoming Skrillex, Sonny released solo electronic music tracks under the alias, Twipz.


  1. Jauz graduated from a musical production program called The Icon Collective with other producers like Slander, NGHTMRE, and Mak J.
  2. Jauz is from the Bay Area, but moved to L.A., while Skrillex is from L.A, but moved to San Fran.
  3. When asked about the origins of the name, “Jauz,” Vogel told This Song Slaps this surprising meaning: “Jauz” is really a slang term that was coined at my High School in Marin. It loosely means “bullshit.” For example if someone said “That new (insert big room DJ) track is so dope”, you could be like “Jauz dude, that shit sucked I heard it last night!”

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