FIFA 16 Soundtrack Revealed


Despite all the disgraces and setbacks that FIFA has suffered this year, one thing that the organization can remain proud of is the caliber of its namesake video game, which is about to have the release of its 23rd edition. As a big fan of the FIFA games, I’m always eager to see what features have been added to each new release, as well as the soundtrack that accompanies them, which tends to be more eclectic and worldly than the music featured in other EA Sports games.

Because the teams featured in FIFA (and the people who play the video game) include citizens of almost every single nation and state on Earth, it’s only fitting that the music for the game be equally diverse. I’ve included in this article a handful of my favorite songs from the game, which is officially released around the globe this week. These jams are by artists from countries like Australia, Colombia, New Zealand, and the US, and they all contain the upbeat and celebratory vibes that exist within most FIFA soundtracks.

For those of you who buy the game in the next few weeks, be on the lookout (or maybe I should say “listen-out”) for unreleased songs from Kygo and Bastille, as well as new songs from Disclosure, RAC, and Beck, all of which will be playing in the background of FIFA 16. I am, unfortunately, broke as hell and just got around to buying FIFA 15, so I guess the rest of you are just going to let me know how the newly released game is!


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