Emancipator to Release His MGMT “Kids” Cover


BREAKING NEWS – Emancipator graced us last night during his Reddit AMA session with some much needed details about his incredible cover of MGMT’s, “Kids.” When we covered Camp Bisco this summer, Emancipator blew us away with this eery, etherial, and completely unique spin on MGMT’s flagship hit.

In our post Bisco coverage, we crowned this cover “The Best Song at Bisco” and wrote some nice things about the performance. Check it out here. Anyways, last night a keen Emancipator fan asked the question we’ve all been wanting to ask Doug for months now. Check it out:

img Emancipator to Release His MGMT "Kids" Cover

So there it is, boys and girls. Emancipator is finally releasing this bone chiller sometime next week as a free download. We’ll be all over that song like paper on a towel , so stay tuned next week for our coverage. In the meantime, enjoy this decent video of “Kids” at Bisco ’15.

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