GRiZ’s New Summer Mixtape


With summer winding down and autumn approaching at a cruelly rapid rate, GRiZ has created a mixtape to help us enjoy these last few days of warmth and sunshine. Titled Chasing the Golden Hour pt. 1, the 9-track tape is an immensely funky compilation of jams that feel solely suitable for a large outdoor concert or beach party.

On his SoundCloud page, GRiZ wrote that he hoped that the music on Chasing the Golden Hour would “recreate the carefree good vibes you feel when it’s just about sunset on the perfect summer evening and everything is the most beautiful shimmering tint of gold.” I believe that, with the help of Russ Liquid, Exmag, Muzzy Bearr, and Eric Bloom, GRiZ has captured this moment flawlessly.

Those of you who are lucky enough to be attending Electric Zoo in NYC this weekend will most likely have the pleasure of witnessing GRiZ jam out on at least a few of these live. However, I encourage the rest of you, wherever you may be on this long holiday weekend, to blast these songs, enjoy the waning summer days, and chase that golden hour.

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