Abhi//Dijon’s New Babymaking EP


Shortly after their creation, Maryland-based R&B duo Abhi//Dijon caught some solid internet love from YouTube channels like Majestic Casual, but for some reason they have yet to generate the strong following that their early success might have promised (or that they deserve). However, with the release of their long awaited EP, STAY UP, they’re hopefully one step closer to bringing Abhi Raju’s phenomenally chill beats and Dijon Duenas’ smooth vocals to the mainstream.

While it sometimes takes artists a while to establish a true and consistent voice, Abhi//Dijon have seemingly had a signature sound since they started recording music together back in 2013. As members of the burgeoning Progressive R&B movement, the duo has often made music that is both unique and familiar, both uplifting and melancholy. While Dijon’s falsetto helps set the overall mood, it is really their technically challenging and immaculate production style that defines the group’s true identity.

If their earlier work displayed their ability to show off musical skills, STAY UP clearly shows them greatly expanding upon those talents and creating a group of songs that are truly album worthy. Ultimately, we are the real winners from their efforts, especially now that we have almost a dozen songs that are ready to go on any babymaking playlist. But seriously, I wonder how many children might actually be conceived to STAY UP… I mean, statistically speaking, probably at least a few.

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