San Holo’s New Collaboration


Not only is his DJ name a spoonerism of my all-time favorite movie character, but San Holo has also gotten immense brownie points in my book over the past year by consistently churning out remixes of hip hop classics, as well as some kick ass original tracks. With the release of his newest original track, “IMISSU,” the young Dutch producer is building upon what has already been a prolific 2015.

His newest release, which he has been promoting heavily online, is a collaboration with NYC singer Father Dude. While the song is a somewhat poppy departure from San Holo’s penchant for hip hop and rap, those of you familiar with his style will find that the fast-paced drums and signature swirl are still in tact.

It’s been great to see San Holo’s style develop over the past 14 months, and it will be very interesting to see what 2016 will have in store for him. If things keep progressing as quickly as they have, then my guess is that San Holo will soon be a widely known name, and hopefully at that point he will actually be able to collaborate the rappers that I know he admires so much (Father Dude ain’t too bad for now though).

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