Mysteryland USA Releases a Huge Lineup


Mysteryland USA returned with a vengeance today, dropping an incredible Phase 1 lineup for its revamped festival. Hate to be frank – but last year was a dud. The festival didn’t come close to hitting its ticket sales quota, the lineup was incredibly weak compared to its debut stack of artists, and Kygo was a headliner. Kygo. Last year’s miss could arguably be an attributing factor to SFX Entertainment’s recent bankruptcy scare, so the pressure was really on today with the grand unveiling, and to be frank – I’m all jacked up. Check out the lineup below, and our three highlights:

img-3 Mysteryland USA Releases a Huge Lineup

1. Bassnectar’s closing out the weekend.

The King of Bass himself has been selected to triumphantly end the festival with a wobbling, heavy bang. I remember the first year back in 2014 when we covered Mysteryland, Lorin chose to go with EDC New York versus ML’s debut, so this #1 headliner is a big win, and a focal point of our excitement.

2. Mysteryland has decided to roll back the age limit to 19+.

I’m not sure why New York has a thing for “19+” events (cough cough…Webster Hall…cough cough), but this scaled back age limit will surely increase ticket sales, and in turn increase the energy at each stage. Power in numbers, people.

3. Emancipator & Mr Carmack are killer undercards.

After catching both of their unique performances at Bisco 2015, we’re elated with these undercard artist additions. Get ready for some insanely eery euphoria from Emancipator, and some balls-tingling bass from Carmack.

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