Break Science Releases a New Collaboration with Brasstracks


Just yesterday, my co-founder, Lucas, started raving about this fresh new brass band I’d never heard of from Brooklyn called Brasstracks (above). Sure enough, just today the duo drops a heavy, soulful new collaboration, “Anthemy Mason,” with one of my current favorite duos, Break Science. To add even more gravy to this coincidence, we’ve been pumped for Break Science’s upcoming shows at the Brooklyn Bowl this weekend for a long time, and quickly discovered Brasstracks is sharing the stage with Break Science on the first night of the 2 day stint in our hometown (Lucas and I are from Williamsburg and Bushwick, respectively). Check out this note Adam Dietch (drummer, Break Science / Lettuce) and Borahm Lee (keys, Break Science) wrote with the track’s SoundCloud release:

“Brand new track with the incredible future brass of @Brasstracks! Catch us both at the Brooklyn Bowl this Thursday & Friday, which might include a special BrkSci / Brasstracks / High & Mighty Brass Band Horns collab.”

So needless to say, Brasstracks abruptly muscled their way into my musical consciousness these past couple days, and I’m not complaining – not for one second. This Brooklyn duo comprised of Ivan Jackson (trumpet) and Conor Rayne (drums) are here to stay. Need proof? Just hit play. Need even more proof? Grab your tickets to one of the Brooklyn Bowl shows at this link. Concert banner below as well. Enjoy.

img-14 Break Science Releases a New Collaboration with Brasstracks

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