Event Preview: Break Science at the Brooklyn Bowl


Tonight’s the night! Break Science and company are taking the stage for Day 1 of back-to-back shows at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets are still available for just $25 / night, so get yours while they’re still available at this link. From our past experiences covering shows at the Bowl, we’ve found that even the best acts rarely sell out (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead being an exception), but if you’re planning to attend either night, I’d suggest thinking ahead to be safe.

img-12 Event Preview: Break Science at the Brooklyn Bowl

We’re big fans of the artists scheduled to play tonight and Friday, so we thought we’d give you a little preview of what to expect, and some of our favorite songs from each night.

Night 1: Manic Science (Break Science x Manic Focus) w/ High & Mighty Brass Band Horns & CX |  Artifakts  | Brasstracks

The show tonight is set up to be one for the books. One thing to note here is that it looks like there will be three different performances tonight. Brasstracks and Artifakts are separated on the playbill from the other artists, so our best bet is the headlining show will be a stage filled with Manic Focus (DJ), Borahm Lee (Break Science, keys), Adam Deitch (Break Science, Lettuce, drummer), the members of the High and Mighty Brass Band – Ivan Jackson (Trumpet), Matt Doe (trumpet), Kevin Moehringer (Trombone), Nadav Nirenberg (Trombone), Andrew Miramonti (Guitar), Ray Cetta (Sousaphone), Chauncey Yearwood (percussion),  Evan Howard (drummer) – and CX (rapper). If that’s the case, we’re in for a crowded stage with some powerful noise, tons of energy, and an eclectic array of musicians. Garret Meyer, aka Artifakts, is set to precede the main act. Meyer is a producer/DJ that leans on vintage hip-hop samples. Finally, we’re really high on Brasstracks right now. I just learned, while writing this article, that Ivan Jackson (trumpet), is both the lead brass player in Brasstracks, the duo comprised of him and Conor Rayne (drums), as well as lead trumpet in the High and Mighty Brass Band. Finally, this will be Manic Science’s New York City debut – which is special for Break Science because the tandem hails from New York. Here’s a new collaboration Break Science and Brasstracks put out just two days ago. If you like what you hear, you should get some tickets for tonight.

Night 2: Break Science Live Band w/ The Shady Horns, Adam “Shmmeans” Smirnoff, Jesus Coomes of Lettuce, Rahzel, CX & Bajah  |  Marvel Years  |  Dreamers Delight

Like Night 1, Night 2 is also set up to be one for the books. Like night 1, the main act will feature a packed stage of musicians spanning several genres and instruments. To kick things off, Reed Krafft, aka Dreamers Delight, will take the stage at 8 PM. Krafft is a soulful producer from Santa Barbara who released his debut EP on Gramatik’s Lo-Temp label in the beginning of last year. Following Dreamers Delight is one of my personal favorite up-and-coming producer’s, Marvel Years. His real name is Cory Wythe, and he’s a young producer from Vermont, now living in North Carolina, who pumps out awesome electro-soul music that reminds me of the “Pretty Big GRiZmatic” style. We actually interviewed Cory a couple weeks ago, and are hoping to publish the interview before tomorrow’s show, so stay tuned. Finally, the main act is going to be a stellar showing of talented musicians on a crammed stage. Not everyone knows this, but it should be noted that Break Science’s drummer, Adam Dietch, is also the lead drummer in Lettuce. For Friday’s show, four of his friends from Lettuce will join him and Borahm (keys, Break Science) on stage – Adam Smirnoff (guitar, Lettuce), Jesus Coomes (bassist, Lettuce, crazy hair, bandana, shreds), and the “Shady Horns,” the official horn section for Soullive and Lettuce, comprised of my man Eric Bloom (trumpet) and Ryan Zoidis (sax). To add even more fire to the musical mayhem, Rahzel (beatboxer, rapper, The Roots) and Bajah (rapper from Sierra Leonne) will join the supercrew on stage with CX. So needless to say, this weekend is going to be wild. For just $25 each night, this is really a no-brainer. Check out one of our favorite Lettuce songs below, and don’t forget to join us by getting your tickets here.

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