Event Preview: Keller Williams at the City Winery in Manhattan this Friday


On Friday, Keller Williams is coming to town to perform a set at the City Winery in Manhattan with his new band, the Keller Williams KWhatro. Last summer, we had the pleasure of covering a Keller Williams set on a yacht in New York City, where he showcased the new music on his 20th studio album, Vape. For that performance, Keller championed the definition of a one man show by using a looper pedal to record and loop licks from every instrument you could possibly imagine: acoustic guitars, bongos, drum sets, bass guitars, chimes, kazoos, you name it. For each song, he gradually built complex songs like a mechanist assembling a machine of music. For this upcoming show, however, we’re looking forward to experiencing a different side of Keller’s musical genius.

On Friday, Keller’s continuing his winter tour with his new group, The Keller Williams “KWhatro.” The band features four unique musicians: Keller (guitar, vocals, kazoo), Gibb Droll (guitar – Brandi Carlisle/Bruce Hornsby), Danton Boller (bass – Roy Hargrove/Jazz Mandolin Project) and Rodney Holmes (drums – Santana/Steve Kimock). The four-piece collaboration with two acoustic guitars, double bass and drums will reinterpret Keller’s originals and choice cover songs with sounds ranging from new disco, reggae, drum and bass, jazz afro trap, and much more. In addition to this fresh new act, we’re also excited to check out the City Winery. Based on reviews, pictures, and some stories from friends, this venue seems like an intimate, relatively classy spot – a nice relief from the typical sweaty, overcrowded, sardine music halls in New York City (cough cough…Webster…cough cough). Check out my personal favorite Keller track below, and join us this Friday by scooping your tickets at this link.

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