Event Preview: Twiddle & Teddy Midnight @ The Irving Plaza, 2/27/16


On Saturday, February 27th at 8 PM, Vermont jam band, Twiddle, is taking over New York City’s Irving Plaza with Brooklyn-based Teddy Midnight. This will be Twiddle’s second time performing at the Irving Plaza, the first time being last April with Kung Fu and Teddy Midnight. The above picture was taken at the show last year, and as you can see to the right, the concert was during the Todd Stoops era of Kung Fu, before the band parted ways with their former keyboardist. There are so many reasons to get excited about this upcoming Twiddle concert, so we thought we’d publish our top three. Get your tickets here.

Twiddle just released a new album.

The band’s coming off a  successful album release in December, so for the Irving Plaza performance, you can expect to hear a good deal of new, original material. Crowdfunded by Twiddle supporters, Plump Chapter 1 was put out on December 11th to great critical and fanbase reception. Our four favorite songs (in no particular order) include “Lost in the Cold,” “Be There,” “Syncopated Healing,” and “White Light.” You can download the full album on iTunes here, or listen to it on Spotify.

Mihali shared a teaser of a brand new song this week.

Twiddle’s lead singer and guitarist, Mihali Savoulidis, has been known to get inspired, write songs, and then post teaser videos on Facebook of him performing the tracks in his room. He did something like this for Plump‘s “Lost in the Cold,” (below) and just this week, he put up a video of him performing a brand new original, “Collective Pulse,” on Facebook. While this is still a Mihali Savoulidis original, we saw him perform an acoustic version with Brook Jordan (drums, Twiddle) on the bongos and Pappy Biondo (banjo, Cabinet) when they streamed a live Sublime cover set last night on Stageit.com. This said, it appears that members of Twiddle are quickly adopting the song, so hopefully we’ll see a full-blown Twiddle rendition of “Collective Pulse” next Saturday. The video he posted is not yet on YouTube, so to check out “Collective Pulse,” follow this link to Mihali’s Facebook profile.

The show is conveniently located, conveniently timed, and Twiddle will perform TWO sets.

In past years, we’ve had to travel to the outskirts of New York, to New Jersey, Connecticut, etc., to see Twiddle perform. If not outside New York City, the band usually played during the week, not during a concert primetime day. Over the past couple years, however, Twiddle’s accumulated a significant following and considerable fame. We’re finally enjoying the benefits of their rise in popularity, and can now enjoy a conveniently located concert in Manhattan on a Saturday night to see our favorite band play. Need a cherry on top? Twiddle is performing not one, but TWO sets. This will be a night you won’t want to miss, so cop your tickets here.

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