Twin Primes and LRKR at Bowery Electric


Last Wednesday, Bowery Electric hosted sets with four up-and-coming Brooklyn music acts: Omega Vibe, Eda Wolf, LRKR, and Twin Primes. The latter two have both had interviews featured on Sound Fix, and for those of you who are familiar with their music, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that they put on a great show.

The night started out with Omega Vibe (aka Valeryn Besselyanov… best name ever) and LRKR, who each brought their own unique take on produced beats blended with live instrumentation (including a didgeridoo).  Next up was Eda Wolf, a duo comprised of Emiliano Flowerman and Dea Juris, who have cultivated a unique sound that mixes electronic music with vocals that at are jazzy and, at times, powerful.

The night was capped off by an epic performance from Twin Primes, who set it off with an upbeat set filled original beats, some funky shout-outs and covers, as well as an original light show designed by Mr. Primes himself. Despite going on after midnight on a weeknight, he was still able to pack the house and get the crowd dancing, specifically to his latest single, “Real Fealty.”

It was great to see so many fans come out and support, not just their friends on stage, but a group of legitimate musicians that each has the potential to make a real name for themselves. Make sure to follow each of them on Soundcloud, and be on the lookout for their upcoming shows around NYC… you’ll probably see us there.

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