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I was recently turned on to a St. Louis-based DJ by the name of UberVice, and after I discovered that he can now be found on Spotify and is starting to make a name for himself, I figured I’d throw him some love as well. I think it’s appropriate that he be included within a blog as eclectic as Sound Fix, because UberVice’s sound is a fun aggregation of more than one of our favorite genres.

Listening to his collection of songs, you might think that this young Producer’s tracks might be a playlist of various underground artists, as some of his songs contain a rich palette of 80’s synths, others possess sounds that are ready-made for your friendly neighborhood warehouse rave, and many seemingly aim for a more modern electronic sound. But the fact of the matter is that UberVice simply has range, and he’s clearly not ashamed of it; when asked about this musical ADD, he simply responded, “I make whatever music I feel like on that particular day.”

However, with the release of his newest album, Designer Dark, UberVice has taken on a more consistently chill tone. It will be interesting to see if what kind of moves he makes moving forward, so make sure to check out his full album below and to follow UberVice on SoundCloud.

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