Big G’s Bigger Release “Got the Love” feat. Jennifer Hartswick


Last Wednesday, Big Gigantic released a new track from their upcoming album “Brighter Future”. For the fans that crave Big G’s hard baselines buttered on top of those choice vocals, grab your forks, tuck a napkin into your ears, and chow down on Big Gigantic’s newly released single “Got the Love” feat. Jennifer Hartswick.

Since 2010, Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken have released an album every 2 years. Coming off of their last album “The Night is Young”, released in February of 2014, Big G faces atmospheric expectations in their releasing of “Brighter Future”.

The boys are back at it with their uncanny flow of live instrumentals and searing vocals. Bar after Bar, Big G’s new track, “Got the Love“, reminds you of why you loved them in the first place.

big-g-3 Big G's Bigger Release "Got the Love" feat. Jennifer Hartswick

Worried the dynamic group of two couldn’t climb as high as you’d hope? Throw on their new track, fire up a bowl, of chips, and enjoy Big Gigantic’s album teaser “Got the Love“. 

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