2017 – The Year of The Disco Biscuits: Bisco Inferno Preview (5/31 – 6/3)

Bisco Inferno

The Fillmore (read our review), Euphoria Festival (no coverage), The Capitol Theatre (review), the Maine State Pier (preview, review coming this week) and Summer Camp (preview, review coming this week) have all come and gone but the year of The Disco Biscuits lives on with great tenacity as the band’s four-night “Bisco Inferno” Colorado run is finally upon us. Tonight on Wednesday, May 31st the band kicks off its infamous string of Colorado shows at the Ogden Theatre for three nights followed by one stellar show on Saturday 6/3 with the Desert Dwellers and Phutureprimative at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre. If you haven’t seen this interview with Barber detailing one of his earliest experiences at Red Rocks, please do yourself a favor and press play. In a nutshell – and I do not exaggerate – Barber fell off a cliff while biking Red Rocks only to find himself hungry, dazed, ready for a beer, but suddenly surrounded by 300 gorillas. Essentially, The Disco Biscuits’ history with Red Rocks runs deep and this impending run of shows is sure to add another timeless chapter to their growing storybook.

The scene is buzzing as The Disco Biscuits travel to their furthest point West this year, partly because the band has performed more shows in 2017 than in recent years, but also because many longtime fans are convinced the band is performing at its highest level since Barber broke his hand back in 2010. Both shows at the Maine State Pier saw a sit-in from original drummer, Sam Altman, and Sunday’s Summer Camp set has been highly regarded by both seasoned fans and newcomers as a Top 3 highlight of the weekend. Not only that, but Night 3 at The Capitol Theatre has been widely considered one of the best Biscuit shows of the past 5 years, and the band simply delivered throughout the entire hometown run at The Fillmore in Philly. Yes, we understand these are more or less generalizations, but there’s a lot of talk backing each sentiment.

As to what the four-piece jamtronica pioneers will play in Colorado is completely up in the air, but this image has been floating around different Biscuit forums over the past couple days. Does this mean we might hear a Biscuits rock opera performed in its entirety tonight? Only time will tell.

Capture 2017 - The Year of The Disco Biscuits: Bisco Inferno Preview (5/31 - 6/3)


The only slight piece of unfortunate news heading into Inferno is that Simon Posford of Shpongle will not be able to support The Disco Biscuits at Red Rocks due to visa issues. The band issued a statement just a couple hours ago, so instead the Biscuits will be supported by the Desert Dwellers (and Phutureprimitive), a duo comprised of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who both began their careers as independent music producers in the deserts of New Mexico. I’ve yet to hear a single bad word spoken about a live Desert Dwellers set, so this should really be seen as a neutral altercation amidst a landscape of what’s shaping up to be a memorable four days of music and good company.

All in all, these next four nights are set to be incredibly special with four jam legends hitting their strides playing at the top of their games with just the right amount of shows performed so far this year. Ticketing and additional information can be found here, but in the meantime, enjoy this video of Barber screaming insanities into “his microphone” while opening up for Zeds Dead at Union Transfer in Philly back in 2011.

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