Catskill Chill Unveils Its Initial 2016 Music Lineup


My personal favorite music festival, Catskill Chill, revealed its incredible Phase 1 lineup today at 1 PM EST. As expected, this initial lineup filled me with so much joy and anticipation I can hardly concentrate enough to finish up my quick coverage of this announcement. Something that blows my mind is an entire Phase 2 lineup will be revealed on June 8th. Last year, the top headliner, moe., was added far after the festival’s initial artist announcement, so let your imaginations run wild for Phase 2, Chill Fam! If you haven’t already read the article, make sure to view the photos of New Minglewood I scraped up from the deep, dark corners of the internet right here. Finally, get your Chill passes here, and check out our five highlights from Phase 1 below.

Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass

I’ve been dying to see this Keller Williams’ Grateful Dead side project for some time now. In fact, a couple months ago we wrote a “Flashback Friday” post to commemorate Keller’s charity show with his Grateful Grass band at the Fillmore back in 2006. Fun Fact: Keller was the headliner of the first Catskill Chill back in 2010, so this appearance will be a great way to commemorate Old Minglewood and welcome New Minglewood.

Break Science Live Band & Duo Sets

Part of the reason this lineup feature makes my top 5 is because I’m not 100% positive what “Duo Sets” means. I had the pleasure of seeing the Break Science Live Band at the Brooklyn Bowl a couple months ago, which is basically Lettuce with Borahm Lee (it’s Borahm, Dietch, the Shady Horns, Smirnoff & Jesus). Could duo sets mean one Lettuce-esque set, then one more electronic influenced Break Science set? That sort of back-to-back performance would be eclectic and incredibly entertaining, so we’ll have to see what’s in store!

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

I’m a die-hard Flocker, so seeing Pigeons on the Phase 1 lineup this year immediately put a smile on my face. Jeremy, Scrambled Greg, Ben & Alex are a group of crazy Pigeons who are on a meteoric rise to fame. Think about it this way: last year in April, the band sold just over 300 tickets at the Brooklyn Bowl for their headlining show. This past April, the guys sold over 600 tickets at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. That’s a 100% numerical increase in popularity, and this Chill performance will only continue to feed theirfor  momentum.

Mike Gordon

I’ve only seen Phish in concert three times. In my opinion, it’s so hard to see them live because they always sell out within seconds, and more often than not I can afford two or three festival passes for the price of one Phish ticket in New York City. To have the opportunity to see a founding member throw a completely unique headlining performance, with guests, at such a laid back, easy environment like New Minglewood is basically a dream come true.

Hayley Jane & The Primates

Sometimes it truly shocks me how many people still have not figured out who Hayley Jane is. In my personal opinion, she’s one of the best vocalists in the jam scene. The amount of passion, energy, and unique charisma she brings to a stage is relatively peerless. She will only be on the bottom third of a festival bill for a couple more years, tops, so take advantage of these performances while you can and see this woman sing! We can’t wait for Chill, and our complete Catskill Chill Spotify playlist is coming shortly.

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