The Disco Biscuits Return to New York for the Annual City Bisco (9/20 – 9/23)

The Disco Biscuits

After several months of anticipation, Philadelphia’s jamtronica kings The Disco Biscuits return to New York City for City Bisco – their multi-night music extravaganza held annually around September. For a second straight year The Disco Biscuits have selected New York City as the host city for this curated event, with past City Biscos held in their hometown of Philadelphia. Last year in 2016 Marc, Allen, Aron, an Barber made the transition from Philadelphia to New York City and performed two nights at Irving Plaza in Lower Manhattan and then one closing night at the new Ford Amphitheater in historic Coney Island. This year the Biscuits are extending their stay in the Big Apple with two nights at Irving Plaza (Wednesday 9/20 – Thursday 9/21) and two nights in Coney Island (Friday 9/22 – Saturday 9/23).

In line with previous City Biscos, the band has curated a lineup of world-class talent to support their headlining sets throughout the run. On Wednesday September 20th and Thursday September 21st, The Disco Biscuits will host two intimate shows at Irving Plaza without support. On Friday September 22nd Alabama’s psychedelic livetronica duo BoomBox will perform a direct support set at the Ford Amphitheater, preceded by Coney Island’s own Cartel Twins – an up-and-coming deep house DJ duo that specializes in live turntable performances. The following night on Saturday September 23rd the Biscuits will be joined by New Zealand’s electronic music sensation Opiuo, as well as longtime Biscuits’ collaborator and ally Ben Silver of Orchard Lounge. The two Coney Island shows should be particularly special for bassist Marc Brownstein who grew up just minutes from the young Ford Amphitheater.

City_Bisco_NYC_2017_1200x628-1024x536 The Disco Biscuits Return to New York for the Annual City Bisco (9/20 - 9/23)

If you can’t make it to any of the shows, the Biscuits have you covered with a complimentary live HD stream which can be accessed for free on their YouTube channel. The live HD filming was paid for and sponsored this year by Puffco, a vaporizer company that produces the Puffco Plus – the most awarded vaporizer in 2017. The Biscuits are no stranger to endorsements and are not afraid to align themselves with cannabis related companies. In fact during the Maine run this year Barber sported an Illadelph shirt  – Philadelphia’s premier glass shop – on stage for night 1.

With the rate the Biscuits are playing this year, frequently delivering quality sets with each run and each festival, fans and newcomers alike can expect a weekend chockfull of memorable jams, perhaps a few new covers, and long awaited bust-outs from their older catalogue. Their last performance at Lockn’ on August 24th featured two massive segues and a tight “Magellan” to close out the night. With an unfinished “Hope” and “Strobelights and Martinis,” the imaginations of Biscuits fans are running wild trying to piece to together predictions for the band’s eight sets this week. To help provide a picture of what the Biscuits have played in recent shows, find their past four setlists below. Tickets for City Bisco are still floating around Ticketmaster and the secondary market, so if you’re still in need of passes click here for more information.

August 24, 2017 – LOCKN – Infinity Downs Farm – Arrington, VA
Hope 1 > Save The Robots 2 > Strobelights and Martinis 1 > Gangster > Spraypaint, Story of the World > Crickets 3 > The Champions > Story of the World, Magellan
1 unfinished 2 end only 3 middle only

July 15, 2017 – Montage Mountain – Scranton , PA
Camp Bisco
Set 1: Caves of the East 1 > Loose Change, Bernstein and Chasnoff > Highwire 2 > Tempest > Bernstein and Chasnoff, Mulberry’s Dream
Set 2: Morph Dusseldorf > Above The Waves 2 > The Champions 3 > Exodus 3 > Above The Waves 2 3 > Morph Dusseldorf 3
Set 3: Mindless Dribble 4 5 > Helicopters > I Feel Love 6 > Tricycle > Air Song 5 > Helicopters
E: Spraypaint

July 14, 2017 – Montage Mountain – Scranton , PA
Camp Bisco
Set 1: Little Lai, Rockafella 1 > Munchkin Invasion > Orch Theme > Voices Insane 1 > And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night 2 > Munchkin Invasion
Set 2: Solstice 3 > Spacebirdmatingcall > Gangster > Spacebirdmatingcall, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. > Controversy 4 > Bombs > Svenghali 5
1 unfinished 2 Inverted 3 last time played 05-20-2007 4 first time played; Prince cover; instrumental 5 end only

July 13, 2017 – Montage Mountain – Scranton , PA
Camp Bisco
Astronaut > Run Like Hell > Astronaut 1 > Digital Buddha > Run Like Hell, Reactor > Portal To An Empty Head 2 > Reactor, Home Again
1 unfinished 2 Inverted

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