2017 – The Year of The Disco Biscuits: The Capitol Theatre Preview (4/27 – 4/29)

The Disco Biscuits

Out of every venue on the East Coast, very few have the same level of history and prestige as “The Original Rock Palace,” best known as The Capitol Theatre. Opened in 1926 as a movie theatre and then turned into a rock and roll venue in 1970, The Cap has served as a stage for some of the most legendary rock bands of all time such as the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Traffic, and Pink Floyd. The Grateful Dead played 18 shows at the Cap from 1970 to 1971 that live in infamy as some of the finest shows the Dead have ever performed.

Shortly after the venue’s early 70s sonic heyday, The Cap died down due to local noise ordinances instated by the city of Port Chester. But lucky for us, jam kingpin and arguably our time’s most influential music promoter, Pete Shapiro, reopened The Cap in 2012 to supply New York City with a much needed dose of quality live music. To provide a bit of background, before reopening The Cap Shapiro owned the classic NYC jam incubator in the late 90’s and early 2000s called The Wetlands Preserve. The Wetlands served as a starting point for The Disco Biscuits in New York City, and can certainly be attributed to much of the band’s initial success outside their hometown of Philadelphia.

images-uploads-gallery-11840870964_b6ef60cd2c_h-1024x706 2017 - The Year of The Disco Biscuits: The Capitol Theatre Preview (4/27 - 4/29)

The Cap in the early 70s, Photo Credit: Joe Sia

Fast forward to 2017, and after just about a year the finest jamtronica band there ever was, The Disco Biscuits, will return to The Capitol Theatre for 3 nights of trance-fusion, fanatical yet sensical lasers, and deep dance jams.

Just over a year ago in March of 2016, The Disco Biscuits made their Capitol Theatre debut playing 2 back-to-back nights with support from The New Deal. This year, back by popular demand, the infamous Philly stalwarts return to The Cap for an epic three night run. The first night will have the upcoming funky livetronica trio SunSquabi opening for the Biscuits, while the following 2 nights are billed as “An Evening With The Disco Biscuits,” which in essence means no openers, just Biscuits, and an added but surely welcomed pressure to bring Port Chester to the next atmospheric layer. Based on different sonic and spacial Biscotti indications, we’re expecting a trip to the mesosphere this weekend.

This far into 2017 The Biscuits have only played 4 shows – 3 in their hometown of Philly (read our review here!) and one in Austin at Euphoria Fest. As an avid Biscuits fan, I can confidently say as far as Biscuits shows go, these four have truly been cream of the crop. You can check out some of the highlights from Philly on the Biscuits YouTube Channel, and here’s a nearly 30-minute long Mindless Dribble (also below) that opened the last set of the Philly run. If this is even an indication of a valid foreshadow for the upcoming year, then we are, without doubt, in for a historic year that will be chronicled for years to come in The Disco Biscuits’ prolific history.

As of today only Saturday is sold out, and The Cap just this week extended fair warning of a Friday sellout. Tickets for Thursday and Friday are available here and here. In addition, Biscuit fans who unfortunately can’t make the trip to Port Chester can stream the run for free on YouTube at this link. In summary, we’re approaching a weekend where the world’s best jamtronica band is staged to sellout the East Coast’s most influential rock and roll venue. In short, don’t sleep on this run.

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