2017 – The Year of The Disco Biscuits: Maine State Pier Preview (5/26 – 5/27)


If there’s one reoccurring theme with The Disco Biscuits over the past few years, it’s their conscious effort to perform on new stages at new venues with each run of shows. From The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester (read our review) to the newly constructed Coney Island Amphitheater, it really is an exciting time to be a Biscuits fan. And this upcoming weekend is no exception as the famed trance-fusion band will continue their reign on tearing down new stages, this time at the historic Maine State Pier in Portland, Maine. From May 26th to the 27th, the Biscuits will take over the pier for a string of Memorial Day jamtronica sets, signature lasers, and their hallmark magnetization of music fans from across the globe. An illustrious, picturesque venue that sits on the Atlantic Ocean like pastels on canvas, it’s no secret as to how special it will be see the Disco Biscuits at an outdoor venue that looks like this (below). The band is intensely inspired and ready to give their dedicated fan base exactly what they came for, while showing the new crowd what makes them stand out from every other band in the scene.

From the spine-tingling riffs of Barber’s hollow body to the sweeping planetary patches of Aron Magner, their melodies will be engraved in the back of your mind for months. Not to mention one of the most driving rhythm sections in the game, Marc Brownstein and Allen Aucoin steadily bring the ruckus through downtempo funk grooves to high-paced, brain shattering house music. The Disco Biscuits have concocted the ideal formula of sacred instruments and technological advances, bringing audiences unforgettable experiences of pulsating jamtronica.

StageShot-1024x500 2017 - The Year of The Disco Biscuits: Maine State Pier Preview (5/26 - 5/27)

I’ve never been to the Maine State Pier, but from what I hear it’s absolutely glorious. Fans are beyond grateful their favorite band has brought them to new vacation spots in the form of multi-night destination runs. To be honest, it’s really brought the fan base together. The energy is so much different from when I first started seeing them, and it certainly has a lot to do with how well the band is currently playing. Coming off astonishing 3-night runs at The Fillmore (check out our review here) and The Capitol Theatre, the band and crew are confident these Maine shows will continue the trend they’ve been on – accelerated excellence in the form of auditory MDMA.

It’s also pretty serendipitous how many Biscuits’ songs revolve around the sea. The symbolism is uncanny and will definitely add to the energy of the shows. We’re all crossing our fingers for songs from Gutwillig’s Hot Air Balloon – it’s evident the themes are more than relevant in this upcoming setting. I can already feel the ocean breeze as the opening notes of “Magellan” echo above the waves. If you don’t already have your tickets, you need to purchase them now, right here.

Also if you’re low on finances, be sure to enter our contest below (closes Wednesday 5/24 at midnight)! Finally, our friends from the meteoric jamtronica band Space Bacon are performing an Official Disco Biscuits After Party at the newly resurrected AURA at 10:30 on Friday. After opening for [Br]eaking [Bi]scuits as they swept the East Coast last week, this Space Bacon post-show really is not one to be missed. More information here.
2naqd 2017 - The Year of The Disco Biscuits: Maine State Pier Preview (5/26 - 5/27)

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