Electric Waste Band Celebrates 27 Years at Winstons

SAN DIEGO, CA – As all the years combine, it’s mind-boggling that we’ll be celebrating the 27th anniversary of Electric Waste Band at Winstons.  To ensure everybody can come down and celebrate the occasion, Electric Waste Band will be playing at Winstons on Friday, February 1st, 2019.  Doors will open at 9:30pm and the show begins at 10:00pm.  Tickets will be available at the door night of the show.


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The six-piece psychedelic rock outfit who plays Grateful Dead tunes every Monday night at Winstons is much more than a staple to the Ocean Beach community.  Being a regular at Winstons on Monday nights isn’t just “this one’s on us” around here.  It’s deeper than that.  When Electric Waste Band takes the stage, it’s a family reunion.  Lives have been brought into this world because two Dead-heads met at an Electric Waste Band show on a Monday night at Winstons and decided to spend the rest of eternity together. Winstons on Monday night becomes a church for people who come from all different backgrounds and ideologies. How?  Because Electric Waste Band plays songs to fill the air and for 3 hours, and all is right.


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This is part of the reason Electric Waste Band obtains one of the longest standing residencies of any touring rock group.  To put it in perspective, the Grateful Dead played just over 2,300 shows in their 30 years of performing.  Electric Waste Band is preparing to play their 1,400th show at Winstons alone.  One of the greatest parts about these guys is they’ve had successful careers outside of music, and thus don’t play for the money.  Electric Waste Band plays Winstons every Monday night because of their dedication and love for sharing the Jerry energy with us all! Many of you who haven’t heard of Electric Waste Band by now might have heard of retired NBA all-star Bill Walton.  Not only does he consider Electric Waste Band friends, but they also consider him the 3rd drummer of the band!  Furthermore, San Diego based brewing company Karl Strauss recently released their “Electric Waste Beer (Red IPA)” which will be on tap for the anniversary.  So come down to Ocean Beach’s oldest music venue Friday, February 1st and join us while we reflect on what a long strange trip it’s been!


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