Electron to Perform a Late-Night NYC Set Ahead of the Disco Biscuit’s Cap Run (4/21/17)


This Friday the long-standing supergroup Electron will throw down a late-night set at the beautiful Highline Ballroom. For us die-hard Biscuits fans, an Electron set can sometimes come off as a bit of a tease, but when it’s a week before a 3-night run of The Disco Biscuits at a venue less than an hour away, it’s undoubtably a good warm-up for both the fans as well as Brownie and Magner.

Formed by bassist Marc Brownstein during his brief hiatus from the Biscuits from January 11th to July 12th back in 2000, Electron’s original lineup featured Marc Brownstein on bass, Tom Hamilton on guitar, Aaron Magner on keys, Joe Russo on drums, and DJ Stitch on turntables. Though their first performance was after Brownie had already rejoined the Biscuits, Electron still remained a platform for Brownie to debut and experiment with some of his own material. The first Electron show on August 19th of 2000 debuted Marc’s rock opera, Chemical Warfare Brigade, many of the songs in which are now mainstays in The Biscuits repertoire.

Now with the solidified lineup of Brownie on bass, Tom Hamilton on guitar, Aaron Magner on keys, and Mike Greenfield of Lotus on drums, Electron shows, though somewhat few and far between, are always a treat. A mainstay at many Northeast festivals regularly playing late-night sets, Electron has secured themselves as a well-respected band in their own right despite being more of a supergroup/side-project. With regular covers of Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead, as well as many Marc Brownstein originals which are now well-known as Disco Biscuits songs, Electron will be sure to have you singing along and dancing to some hefty jams and tasty grooves.

Doors open at 11 and with Tom Hamilton’s American Babies opening up at 11:30, Electron is sure to be a late night rager. Whether you’re a die-hard Biscuits fan, a lover of jamtronica, or an NYC local looking to dance, Electron is sure to have you getting down into the wee hours of the night. Tickets are available here.

If you’re not doing anything before the show, be sure to check out the experimental prog band, Ross Jenssen at Arlene’s Grocery! The show ends at 11:30, leaving ample time to make it to Highline for the show. Tickets are available here!

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