7 Reasons We’re Attending Our 3rd Straight Elements Music & Arts Festival

Elements Festival

Back by popular demand, Elements Music & Arts Festival kicks off tomorrow at 1pm for its 3rd annual event. Contrary to prior years this summer’s Elements spans across two days, providing New York City’s monstrous electronic music community the supply of music it demands (and deserves) during the summer festival season. Not only is BangOn!NYC, the festival’s promoter, changing the duration from one day to two, but tomorrow afternoon it also welcomes a new home for Elements at Hunt’s Point in the Bronx.

This change comes as bittersweet news to patrons of Elements past because the prior venue at the Grain Elevator in Brooklyn was as unique and magical as they come, but sweet because the anticipation of the festival’s new home will surely exceed the high bar set at the past two events. BangOn!NYC knows how to throw a spectacular party that stimulates each and every sense, so although I’m personally sad to say goodbye to the storied Grain Elevator I cannot wait to see what’s awaiting us in the mean streets of the Bronx.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s festival I’ve pieced together seven different reasons why Sound Fix returns year-after-year to the Elements Music and Arts Festival. In case you missed it, at last year’s Elements we interviewed Opiuo, and at the first Elements in Red Hook we interviewed Liquid Stranger. We have a couple more surprises in the works for this weekend, but in the meantime make sure to plan ahead and snag your passes here.

7. Brand new location.

Word on the street is the new venue at Hunter’s Point is a stellar outdoor incubator for large-scale events. I’ve never personally been before, but a colleague of mine was there for a large food and music event. When I asked about the venue he told me the location has incredible views of the water and feels entirely removed from the craziness of the City. Just recently in mid-July the Greatest Day Ever Festival held its inaugural event at the same location, boasting a mainstream electronic lineup featuring Dillon Francis, Diplo, Bro Safari and more. I’ve unearthed a few good photos from the Greatest Day Ever to give you a taste of what’s to come.

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6. Barclay Crenshaw.

The man, the myth, the legend. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this emerging enigmatic producer, and I’ve personally waited far too long to see what all the fuss is about. It took me a long time to put the pieces together to finally realize Barclay Crenshaw is the evil alter-ego of Claude VonStroke, and after thoroughly enjoying his debut self-titled album released in January, Barclay Crenshaw has been on my list of names (if anyone spoils Game of Thrones for me on Sunday night, I will release the hounds). With an official bio that reads like this, how could this producer not be on your musical bucket list?

“In 1884 an explorer found some artifacts suggesting that an alien race has visited the earth and abducted a large group of its children and then returned them a few days later. There are no records of what happened to the children or who they were or even if they returned in the same shape as they left. The only clues to these strange occurrences are in the cryptic art and music left behind. With every release, the cosmic manifesto at the heart of the Barclay Crenshaw project reveals itself further…” – http://www.barclaycrenshaw.com/

5. Free rollerskating.

The funny thing about Elements is the event is both a hard ticket sale and a soft ticket sale. For those not familiar with the terminology, a “soft ticketed” event is one that creates such a rich environment complete with unique vendors, decor, scenery, and activities that people buy tickets regardless of the performers scheduled to entertain. A “hard ticketed” event is one where a group like The Disco Biscuits headline and people buy tickets to see the listed performer. For Elements I’d buy a pass regardless of who’s on the lineup because of the event’s outstanding production, but I’d also buy specifically to see performers like Zeds Dead, GRiZ, Barclay Crenshaw, or Bakermat. Just yesterday, Elements posted this picture on the official event group, further adding to the “soft ticket” experience I’ve outlined. Technically speaking, a soft ticketed festival experience paired with hard headliners could be classified as a …. “flaccid ticketed” event?

Capture 7 Reasons We're Attending Our 3rd Straight Elements Music & Arts Festival

4. Zeds Dead.

I can’t remember the last time Zeds Dead performed in New York City, and selfishly speaking I’ve remarkably managed to never see the infamous Canadian duo DJ a set. I’ve seen electronic music for over 10 years, I interviewed DC and Hooks 6 years ago, but I’ve never seen a single minute of a Zeds Dead show. I’ve been told they completely improvise each concert and play off each other and the crowd to produce a totally unplanned, organic set, so coming from a jam background I deeply appreciate that style of stage performance. I’ve also been told their off-the-fucc live antics gives way to a true “hit or miss” type of performance, but to me that adds to the fun. I can’t wait to see Zeds Dead throw down in New York City to close out this summer’s Elements.

3.  Professional extreme sports onsite.

One of the best mind-blowing surprises from the past two Elements was the inclusion of extreme sports on the festival grounds. To complement the dazzling music and art permeating the event, professional BMX riders frequently launch off massive jumps installed in the center of the festival grounds to literally fly over patrons all day. Not only that, but at the Fire Stage these riders nail perfect back flips while trained pyrotechnics spit fire at them as they soar through the sky. Apparently this year the BMX riders will be tasked to jump through newly installed fire cannons, so I have a pretty good idea where I’ll be hanging out each day.

2. Finally, there will be grassy fields to hang out on.

Last year I only had two complaints about Elements. One was beyond BangOn!NYC’s control – it was incredibly hot last year with temperatures comfortably breaking past 100 degrees fahrenheit. The second was that the Grain Elevator was completely covered in loose stone, rocks, and cement. There was nowhere to sit down and comfortably kick back in between sets to rest your dancing feet. With the new location, the festival organizers have proudly announced and pushed out the message that the venue at Hunt’s Point has lots of grassy space to hang out in, which comes as a massive relief (especially with the extension of the festival) to patrons of previous Elements Festivals.

1. The new Thunderdome.

I don’t really know what this is, but it’s intriguing. For this year’s Elements the festival organizers are introducing a brand new installment called the Thunderdome. All I know about this new addition is that it looks like a massive spherical monkey-bar structure that anyone can climb on, and that there are two trapeze swings people can battle each other on. This is the one description provided to us by BangOn!NYC, and this is the one picture they sent to us. Let your imaginations run wild, and stay tuned next week for our photos and recap!

“Experience the spectacle inside our brand new dome as the battles of the Elements take place, screaming and swinging into the night!” – BangOn!NYC

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