EPROM to Perform in Perfect Darkness This Friday in Brooklyn (5/12/17)


Yep, you read that correctly. On Friday, May 12th, New York City’s Good Looks Collective is hosting a party at the Knitting Factory where experimental bass producer EPROM is slated to perform in complete darkness. With the exception of some dim lighting at the bar and a single light bulb above the DJ booth, the Knitting Factory will be shrouded in complete darkness in an effort to redirect everyone’s attention to the totally unique, crunchy bass music that EPROM has become famous for.

The last Good Looks show I went to was a month or so ago when they brought Manic Focus to town with direct support from my friends at Horizon Wirless (<— performing at the Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, May 28th after le Disco Biscuits terrorize Maine with a two-night run), and let me tell you something, this visionary promotion agency knows a thing or two about putting on a good party. Manic Focus was also at the Knitting Factory, and yes, the lights were on, but the production value, sound quality, and professional / completely respectful venue staff nurtured one of my favorite nights so far in New York City.

In a cool interview with amNY (where the author continually mis-stylizes EPROM as Eprom and refers to him as a DJ and not a producer…tsk tsk tsk), Good Looks co-owner Jay Rogovin says “What we’re trying to do is remove production, the fancy lights, your phones, and then we’re bringing in a custom sound system. It’s really just about the sound and making people listen to the music and connect with the people around.” Hopefully we’ll be able to see the people around us on Friday to connect, but I personally love the concept which was first invented by Blake Oakes in Atlanta, who brought the LightsOut idea up to New York City. If electronic music requires fancy lights and gimmicks to make attendees happy, that producer should probably reevaluate his/her craft.

On the flip side, a dirty sound system is imperative for a good electronic show. One thing I love about electronic music is that it grows, improves, and evolves with technology, and with the pace of technological change we’re witnessing in the 2000s I can’t even start to conceptualize the sounds we’ll hear in 2050. This said, their are some crazy, impressive, futuristic sound companies in the Northeast, one of those being Massada Rock. Contracted to fuel EPROM’s set on Friday, this hi-power company based out of Brooklyn has made a name for themselves by rupturing ear drums not only at bass shows, but also live reggae concerts.

In a nutshell, you’re simply a fool if you’re free on Friday, know about this event, and are still planning to not attend. My homie tsimba opens for EPROM alongside Brooklyn’s Pleasure, and a scarce amount of tickets are still available for purchase here. Ear plugs are highly recommended – come find the guy with a cork-brimmed Biscuits hat and huge head on Friday (if you can even see me).

17973567_1604614196268034_7362203304765282384_o EPROM to Perform in Perfect Darkness This Friday in Brooklyn (5/12/17)


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