Event Preview: lespecial Announces “lespectacle 6”


Just today, one of the Northeast’s fastest growing bands, lespecial, announced the details for its 6th annual Halloween event, fittingly titled “lespectacle.” This year’s lineup features 2 sets from lespecial, a performance by the Supersillyus Lifeband, Ross Jenssentsimba, and The Beatbox House feat. Gene Shinozaki. The event is returning to The Paper Box, which is an awesome, intimate concert hall nestled in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. To complement the performers, Vin Pugliese crafted a new stage design with visuals, and The Reliquarium handled deco. Tickets went on sale today, and the event will take place on Saturday, November 5th at 9 PM. This is a cozy venue, so don’t sleep on this fast-selling show. Tickets here, Facebook event here, and some info about each performer below.

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This band has been on a tare this summer. Coming off a packed Primus tribute at Catskill Chill, lespecial is quickly traveling the fast track to the top of the jam scene. Featuring Jonny Grusauskas on guitar, Luke Bemand on bass, and Rory Dolan on drums, lespecial is a band that consistently bends genres with experimental rock performances. Just a week before lespectacle, lesepcial is scheduled to headline Disc Jam’s second Halloween Horror Camp at an undisclosed summer camp in Massachusetts. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to back-to-back weekend’s of lespecial’s music.

Supersillyus Lifeband

Robert Uslan, aka Supersillyus, is a psychedelic electronic producer based in Brooklyn, NY. The Lifeband is a group of musicians consisting of Uslan and the members of lespecial that animates Supersillyus’s otherworldly music in a live setting. We had the pleasure of catching the Lifeband perform for an engaged crowd at this summer’s Great North Music Festival in Minot, ME. After that cerebral musical experience, I’m looking forward to enjoying this performance in a more intimate indoor venue.

Ross Jenssen

Ross Jenssen is a three-piece band comprised of Brian Ross (bass), Jules Jenssen (drums), and Sam McGarrity (guitar) that plays “heavy, futuristic, instrumental music that intends to evoke imagery akin to a wild journey through time and space, or the cinematic score to a dream.” The trio performed at last year’s lespectacle in the Paper Box, and although I’ve never seen them play together, I’ve only heard great things about their live show.


Mark Musto, aka tsimba, is a 24 year old future bass producer originally from Connecticut that now resides in Brooklyn. He’s had a meteoric rise to success over the past couple years, and recently released this free download as a “thank you” to his fans for helping him eclipse 1,000 likes on Facebook.

The Beatbox House feat. Gene Shinozaki

I had the pleasure of seeing Gene Shinozaki beatbox for the first time a few weeks ago at lespecial’s set at Great North. The segment of their show that featured Gene was completely improvised and reminded why I live for the live music experience. Gene showcased total mastery of vocal experimentation, and the fine musicianship of each musician in lesepcial allowed this unusual pairing to blend perfectly. The Beatbox House is a collective of beatboxers based in New York City that “looks to push the boundaries of what is possible with the human voice.” I can’t wait to see what happens when you put different versions of Gene on the same stage for a group performance.

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